Should Grey's Anatomy Have Acknowledged Izzie's Death?

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Did Grey's Anatomy toy with the idea of having Katherine Heigl's character, Izzie Stevens, pass away in the interest of closure? Might the show still go that route?

Heigl’s abrupt departure last spring put Grey’s Anatomy fans and producers in a tough spot. Creator Shonda Rhimes says she contemplated all possibly outcomes.

That includes bringing the Alex-Izzie love story to an end this season.

Izz She Gonna Stay?

Katherine Heigl is long gone, but clearly not forgotten on Grey's Anatomy.

She stops short of saying Izzie would’ve died off screen, but "we discussed a lot of options, and the one we settled on felt like the [best idea] without having Izzie actually being there,” Rhimes explains. “But it also felt like the cruelest possible thing.”

Ultimately, the Grey's Anatomy boss didn't go through with it. Why?

“It was ready to go, but then I went home and literally couldn’t sleep,” she recalls. “It just felt mean. It wasn’t closure; it just felt brutal. Alex might have never recovered, and the audience who loved Izzie would’ve been devastated. So we didn’t do it.”

What about going forward? Might this still be revisited?

“I’m open to seeing Izzie again,” she says. “If [Katherine] were to come back, we would be thrilled to [wrap up her story]. But if she doesn’t, we’ll just move on.”

From the way the two sides parted ways, don't bet on it.

What do you think? Did Rhimes made the right call leaving things open-ended? Would you like to see Izzie back, or for the show to just get beyond this?

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It would be nice to see Izzie come back and give Alex some closure. Even if it's just for one episode.


I love Izzie and Alex. I understand why she left but I don't think Alex could ever love someone the same as Izzie


I miss Izzie soooooooooooo much! ya we could kill her off and that might wrap things up for her character but not for Alex's. i feel like he and izzie were meant to be together. killing her would be tragic and cruel. I really hope katherine Heigl does come back even if it's just at the end of the show entirely, though i miss her character all the time and would prefer a permanent izziethat i could count on. Wether she fails @ the movie thing or not I wish Heigl the best coz she's so talented but i mean seriously it's Izzie we're talking about i miss her. I've been thinkin about it and the best of the show was with her and Knight. so if not for her own success @ least come back for the fans who are still holding on to Izzie and Alex


I would like to see some izzie and alex babies.. just remember the eggs that izzie preserved and alex giving his juice to the chief while he's eating.. hilarious. would be a good storyline! :)


I soooooooo want Izzie to come back on the show! I miss her :( She was the funniest character and she was by far my favorite. I really wish she would come back for good but even is she comes back just for a few episodes, it would be great. And at least if you don't bring her back on the show, don't kill the character. That would just be mean! I don't know where this season is going, but I definitely miss the good old Grey's...


Private practice is attempting to explore so much depth in characters and situations...why isnt grey's doing it...the best storyline in grey's until now is christina's ptsd....and she wasnt even shot....she just had gun to her head...alex, derek, owen who were actually shot are doing fine on the show...u guys have to admit it...greys is going on just becoz of its hype.....theres nothing great about it now...once it was a hit coz of all the sex people had..but now its depressing....and people rooting for MARK N LEXIE....."why are you doing it??"...its not like they have overcome serious obstacles like der-mer ot alex-izzie...whats so great about heir love story...'I INVITE YOU GUYS TO GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE"..he's just a womanizer and she just doesnt know better....mark is a smhuck....lexie is naive...thats all there is to wanna disagree, go ahead...


Isn't it obvious that Alex can't move on because he is still in love with Izzie or else he wouldn't have call her name out when he was dying. Second don't forget that it was Izzie who came back and wanted to start over with Alex. Also don't forget that it was Alex who told her to leave and never come back. Alex also cheated on his wife while she was away. I am so sick of all these fans blaming everything that happen on Izzie. People seem to forget about all of the things Alex did like he was some kind of saint yeah right. I know that it is up to KH to comeback but don't mix Izzie up with KH. A lot of people seem to do that often.


I don't care for Katherine. She doesn't want to come back, and if she does we know it will be because of her failing movie career. If she does come back, I will probably be the only one wanting her to not get back together with Alex, he deserves someone nice who won't take of when something happens...


Izzie has to come back to the show!! I love her, I've always loved her. She's magnificent. I would so love her to be finally back. I've been waiting and waiting for it to happen


Izzie has to come back to the show!! I love her, I've always loved her. She's magnificent. I would so love her to be finally back. I've been waiting and waiting for it to happen.

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