Sons of Anarchy Review: "Lochan Mor"

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We are now eight episodes through this third season, we are finally to Belfast, and I am at least a little bit disappointed. In no way can I argue anything other than the fact that this third season has been far and away the worst Sons of Anarchy has given us.

Sure, you can argue that season one took a while to get going, but I was pumped by episode four. We're about to go into episode nine next week, and there hasn't been a "get me out of my seat" episode since the third season premiere.

"Lochan Mor" was disappointing on a couple of levels.

Sons of Anarchy Showdown

First, it was an extra half hour, so I was expecting big things, and ultimately was let down. Secondly, they finally got to Belfast, after all of my complaining, but little happened.

They really are dragging out every story line in every possible way. An hour and a half of episode and they still haven't come into contact with Jimmy O? Jax is light years away from seeing his baby boy and there seems to be a lot of sitting around talking.

Sure the chatting moments between Gemma and Maureen, or Jax and Trinity, were great, because of the history between them all, but most of the rest of it was worthless.

The Gemma and Maureen stuff was fantastic both because Katey Sagal and Paula Malcolmson are awesome actresses, and because the hatred between these two women is ridiculously grand because of the great John Teller.

And some of those Jax/Trinity moments? Was I the only one worried about some incestuous actions about to go down? I'm pretty sure the moms should tell them they're brother and sister before Jax takes his shirt off in front of her again.

Third, and finally, it was disappointing because the California stories were so less than interesting. This is the let down I was kind of expecting, but I had hope that the Tig/Kozik story would spice things up. It didn't. Between Tara helping Lyla get her abortion, Tig and Kozik's non-fight fight, and Hale using Darby and Salazar to mess with Lumpy, nothing peaked my interest.

Not only did we not learn what the beef was between Tig and Kozik, but they didn't even show us their boxing match! Maybe Kim Coates is just really an awful athlete and they didn't want Tig to look like an oaf in the ring. I know this story is going to come to afoot sooner or later, I just wish it would happen now while nothing else is going on.

Although it wasn't that entertaining, it was nice to see Tara and Lyla bonding. Now that Gemma's gone, Tara is missing that womanly presence in her life and it's nice to see her getting it from Opie's porn star girlfriend.

So what happens from here? Obviously the Jax versus Jimmy O showdown that Kellen Ashby so desperately wants is going to go down, but what's the point now? Abel is about to be adopted by that wonderful couple we saw at the end of the episode. I mean how long can they keep this kid away from Jax? I might start crying for him soon.

When does the Jax/Trinity thing blow up? When does the Tig/Kozik thing blow up? Does Tara go through with the abortion? Who's McGee aligned with?

There's so much to go down, which is why I'm disappointed none of it went down in this episode. Why not spread some of these out? I have this feeling that everything will happen in one episode. And it will be glorious, but at what cost?

Other thoughts:

  • Ireland is really the only foreign land I've been to, so I'm glad to see SAMCRO make their way over there. And yes, it is as gray and bleak as the Sons of Anarchy cinematographers make it out to be on screen.
  • I enjoyed the opening montage, showing what everyone was up to in Ireland as SAMCRO arrived.
  • I also liked the bagpiped version of the opening theme song. Nice touch for the ep.
  • Salazar of Calavaras's first name is Hector? What? So he is the same Salazar from 24! StingRay was right and therefore we can all assume that his girlfriend that keeps following him around is named Claudia!!!!!!
  • A nice moment for Chibs as he reunited with Fiona and his daughter.
  • My favorite screen printing of the night: Jax's "Reaper Crew" t-shirt.
  • Lyla used the name "Sarah Palin" to check into the clinic. Is that better or worse than Michael Vick's "Ron Mexico"?


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I didn't think lastnites episode was boring. I enjoy watching it.
It's better than watching some of those stupid reality shows. I won't watch those. I will say that the show is turning into more like a soap opera. But I still love it.


Gemma & Maureen, Chibs & Jimmy, Ashby & Jimmy, Happy & anything moving within eyesight .... this is not going to end well, for anyone. I agree that this one was slower, and not a lot of meat on the bones, but we did get a cop beating and a drive by, and maybe the best scene in the episode when Darby shows his underlying humanity .... that was the gem for me (like the Hal Holbrook scenes earlier in the season)

Whipped by damon

I wasn't bored but I felt a bit let down, I was expecting more mayhem and bloodshed. While the slow simmering story lines keep u at boiling point I think everyone is ready for things to really boil over!
And my god I was really concerned that Jax might sleep with his sister, someone needs to tell him the truth...stat! And why are these bastards trying to separate Abel and Jax, it is breaking my heart! Well...there is always next week, let's hope they kick things up a notch!


first, I thougt it was a great episode. The reason it was longer was to allow the viewer to watch samcro settle in with their brothers. secondly, im fropm ireland and it is not as bleak and grey as the show makes it out to be! maybe the countryside...but thats all that ever gets shown of ireland on these american shows!


I was bored to death as well. The flirting between Trinity & Jax was more then creepy GAG I still have a feeling the priest is "dirty" Enough with Belfast line So disappointed too


they sound have made next weeks episode the hour and a half special cause then when could have seen them all really get bloody. the intro episode to the arrival in belfast should have only been an hour so much of that was un-necessary. defo creeped out by the flirting between jax and trinity. and i would have thought more people would have realised that shes jons daughter like clay or bobby or chibs(even jax; albeit he is a bit distracted) because of the time frame and her age and how she looks etc. im gonna have to re-watch these episodes cause im sure jimmy O is the lesser of two evils out if him and the priest. i think the priest is going rogue and wants jimmy dead and the soa out of Ireland. i hope he gets whats coming to him. arrg i cant wait another week to find out what happens!!! i really hope they dont drag this out till episode 13. but i doubt theres gonna be a jax/abel reunion next week! :(


I'd like to say something eloquent about the episode, but frankly all I got is this, that was on big huge disappointment. Bored me to tears.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Kozik: It's been eight years, douchebag.
Tig: Yeah, and not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

Jax: Holy shit! What was that?
Irish Dude: Welcome to Ireland.