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The crew has finally made it to Belfast, and the Ireland SoA comes out to greet them. They then get stopped by the cops and pinched for fleeing from the States. Gemma drives her truck into the cops and the boys get free.

They meet up with the big crew of Belfast SoA and the Teller-Morrows have a chat with Maureen Ashby about what happened to Abel. Bringing Fiona back to the church they get shot at in a drive by. McGee says it was not Jimmy's doing.

Father Ashby has a conversation with Jax about how the line has been drawn with Jimmy O. He wants Jax to kill Jimmy O because someone within the Army can't do it. Ashby says if Jax does it, Abel is as good as his. The problem is that Abel is about to be taken home by a new, young couple.

Tara bails Tig out of jail, but he finds out his license has been suspended. Tig and Kozik continue to fight all the way to the gym where they box it out.

Lyla comes to Tara to ask for a good clinic to get an abortion at. Tara goes to her boss about helping Lyla, and she implies that Tara should be the one getting the procedure done. Tara takes her to the clinic and then decides to schedule and appointment for herself.

Hale and Darby continue to be in bed with each other. Darby goes to the gym to convince the owner to go on the take, but then quits and gives the money back to Hale.

Hale then gets Salazar to help, who then breaks into the gym, shoots it up and slams Lumpy over the head with his gun. The prospect that was there to protect Lumpy hid in the corner.

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in the first 2 seasons on SOA i never noticed or it just didn't show, but is jax trying to hold back an accent??? don't get me wrong he is still the sexiest biker i have ever seen...HOT HOT HOT


Did anyone else find Gemmas quote funny " Wanna take me to your luxury sweet ?" " Dont you want to see your boy defend the clubs honor ?" " Nahh id rather whatch my mans big dick. " NICE !


Last night was a no new information episode. We didnt really learn anything new. I am so tired of all the Irishmen and not being able to understand a word they are saying. Just get Abel back and get their asses back to California.


i love SOA but last nights episode sucked an hour and a half for that was bullshit lets see how next week will be they better find abel


i love the show,but this episode was lame. i'd like to give a shout out to the "motor co" for providing the club with all those shiney new bikes! are you kidding me?


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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Kozik: It's been eight years, douchebag.
Tig: Yeah, and not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

Jax: Holy shit! What was that?
Irish Dude: Welcome to Ireland.