Taylor Momsen Covers Revolver

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Jenny's return to Gossip Girl is imminent. She's been gone all season, but Taylor Momsen's magnetism for controversy has not been. Pretty Reckless? That's putting it mildly.

Here's the 17-year-old's latest magazine cover ...

Taylor Momsen Revolver Cover

LINGERIE AND GUNS: Too much? Too hot? Discuss!

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another day, another Taylor Momsen headline. Next.


Sorry but the lack of class and propriety by Taylor Momsen is a bad move. I know she is trying to lose the stereotype of the goodie-goodie from the first season, but enough is enough. Sorry, but she is a minor and there is a morality clause in her contract that she needs to comply with. She is trying so hard to look like such a bad-a$# that she is probably going to do damage to her career. Let's face it, her music career is not going to bring her what she thinks it will.


I find Taylor's antics amusing. It isn't like she is out partying, snorting coke, and going to rehab for the fifth time. There has been no allegations of her going after married men or married woman. Her stunts seem to stop at the cover of magazines, and some amusing quotes. Her alter ego little J is probably more bad-a$$ than what she is of the cover of this magazine. As for the clothes I've seen worse on facebook; especially around Halloween.


i cant believe she's the same age as me she gives 17 yr olds a bad reputation :)


I'm not a fan off Taylor's but I totally agree with you Sergelia, it's her life, her music, her style and that's what matters .

Chucks wife

Skinny B!@CH with a gun,so not sexy..eat something!!..look at Kim K for inspiration..that's hot!


Nice stripper heels honey *eye roll*


Taylor is awesome. You guys need to give it up. You know she did...and who she gave it too. xD


It's just too bad she looks like she might accidently shoot herself in the foot with the gun in her left hand and whack you over the head with the one in her right. If you're going to hold a gun in lingerie, at least do it right.

Al in germany

(covers eyes) I think out of a sense of propriety she should keep her lady bits more under cover until she turns 18 next summer. But the picture on the whole is quite a good play on her image and public persona. If she were wearing shorts or a skirt I'd say it was pretty cool.


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