Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd in Concert

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Taylor Momsen really knows how to push the envelope. Just days away from her return to our favorite show in "Easy J," the part-time rocker is making waves once again.

This case is a bit extreme, even by her standards, as the Gossip Girl star opened her shirt and flashed her breasts ("covered" by pasties) at a rock show in NYC last night.

Make no mistake, this was no invasion of her privacy by paparazzi. This was Taylor Momsen making darn sure everyone saw her topless at the Pretty Reckless concert:

Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd

OMFG: That doesn't even do justice to Taylor these days.

Pretty crazy stuff. She certainly doesn't hold back, whether you love her or hate her, she's carving her own path. Follow a video of Taylor's topless flashing antics ...

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shes a babe.
and if she wants to flash in concert let her.
but you couldnt see her nipples anyway so its not flashing anyway tbh.


it's really sad what she's doing to herself!


She's ruining Gossip Girl's image. Yes Taylor we know you're a badass. Will you go back to the adorable sweet girl from the grinch now ??


its only a matter of time before shes fat and pregnant. i will let her live out her remaining glory days in peace.


Okay so this counts as child pornography. If she were older then this wouldn't be an issue. She should get charged like a lot of the young teens sending or taking noody pix of themselves before age 18. She is not above the law. Its sad because now i can never watch the grinch who stole christmas the same ever again, she was so cute as cindy lou who.


Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus are not currently the worst things in the world. *A few years ago it was Britney and Christina.* I really don't think they need to do some of the things to get attention, but the world as we know it is not going to implode because of them. Some people must think it a wonderful world, if these two are the only thing wrong with it. (As for the TV show, season 4 has been rather boring)


i would so do her. i would slam that hard.


As MK said down there;
They're purely exaggerating the whole incident. Yes, it was a bit outlandish considering she's 17 and it's at a public venue, but 1. Why are you all writing hate messages to her on here? You didn't pay to go to the concert therefore anything she does at the concert is for the people who actually like her and enjoy her music. Obviously it is going to be publicized, but it was all part of her performance, which all of you complaining about her were evidently not there. 2. She did have pasties of her boobs so it wasn't like she completely flashed the crowd. 3. If you watch the actual video of her performance you will realize the way it is described, "This was Taylor Momsen making darn sure everyone saw her topless" is a bit of a dramatization. The part in the song says "Show me all the things that I shouldn't know," so clearly she flashed the crowd as part of her performance to fit with the lyrics and if you watch the video you can see that the flash was all of 2 seconds and the part where she apparently "rubs her boobs" after it, is really her rubbing her hands from her stomach up to her neck. The whole sequence took only about 7 seconds. A few other things to think about is that she is singing rock music, she's not about to be some squeaky clean Taylor Swift crap or teeny bopper Disney status (even though some Disney stars have even taken self-portrait nude pictures). Also, at least at my school, girls do much worse things when they're at parties or drunk. So it's ridiculous to think that a 17 year old rock singer isn't going to want a bit of rebellion. The differences between Taylor and some girls at my school; Taylor actually has something going for her and anything she does is being broadcast. Life's obviously harder when you're under the public eye and therefore she's basically embracing it by giving paparazzi something to go crazy about.
It's really just not that big of a deal.


She's a pathetic brainless twit who will do anything to get attention. It diminishes any talent she may have - which is debatable.


Seriously, what's her effin deal? It's like she's grown so fond of her GG character that she's actually trying to be her. Does she really think this is a good way to get recognition for her singing career? Where's this girls parents? She's 17!! And also, when i read that Tim Gunn called out diva on Taylor, i didn't doubt it a second. I don't care if it's just an act. It's not cool and no one likes a bitch.


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