Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd in Concert

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Taylor Momsen really knows how to push the envelope. Just days away from her return to our favorite show in "Easy J," the part-time rocker is making waves once again.

This case is a bit extreme, even by her standards, as the Gossip Girl star opened her shirt and flashed her breasts ("covered" by pasties) at a rock show in NYC last night.

Make no mistake, this was no invasion of her privacy by paparazzi. This was Taylor Momsen making darn sure everyone saw her topless at the Pretty Reckless concert:

Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd

OMFG: That doesn't even do justice to Taylor these days.

Pretty crazy stuff. She certainly doesn't hold back, whether you love her or hate her, she's carving her own path. Follow a video of Taylor's topless flashing antics ...

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Most teens don't go this far to get attention, but few are raised in the glare of the twisted H'wood spotlight that rewards people for doing outlandish things. However, the fact Momsen actually has some talent is totally being overshadowed by her ridiculous playing at rebellion, and if she wants longevity eventually she'll need to shut up about herself and just sing...


It doesn't matter what her age is, doesn't matter that this is 21st century United States, her behavior is just completely inappropriate. It's unfortunate to see that mainstream pop culture has come down to being a slut and prostitute. Just think about why the men aren't this disgusting? They have self-respect!


OMFG!!!!! And no it's moving someone in some way that makes you a talented artist not getting pple to dance.


If she was older this kind of stuff would be fine, but she is only 17. She just need to calm down a little bit


I looooooooooove how this fucktard writing the articles here really hates on Taylor Momsem and always exagerates all she does and calling on her but ''discretly'' like callin her ''easy J'' on the last post about her return to Gossip Girl. Seriously its just breast, sha had pasties on its not like she was completely nude and touching herself. Give her a break and stop being so damn puritans. Also, the writers here had become so sneaky almost like on a gossip site always exagerating stuff and putting more dirt on something that was purely for fun and wasnt like the article says.


I love it how they made it look bad, she had tape over her boobs.. She didn't 'show' anything. I was there, lmao.


what a....
no words do her justice...


to everyone who's hating on this girl and like OMG OMG OMG!!!!
she is her own person for gods sake, no problem feeling abit of breeze on ur tits is there ladies!
and if i must say, when she got her breasts out it fitted perfectly with the lyrics haha! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR MOMSEN, AND I LOVE HOW YOU'RE NOT FAKE ♥


ok, so, i never liked taylor. she changed ok, into a slutty creature thing. (my opinion) but leave the girl alone. let her do whatever the hell she wants. everyone should freaking focus on their lives, and move on. like seriously. everyone is hating on this girl, for being who she wants to be. let her. wow.
truthfully i am embarrassed for her, but really i don't give a fk, it's her life, i'm not going to interfere, and it's not like your comments saying: "SLUTTTT she's a bitch, etc" are going to do anything, so what's the point of trying. LOL.


Dutchgirl Can you please tell me , what's so expressive about showing off your breast in public while you perform ? If people wanted to see breast they would buy nude-women-covered-magazines . It's not the place to show her breast . Would you approve her stripping of all of her clothes and standing nacked on a STAGE ? Is that a way to express yourself , too ? She is a PERFORMER , Her job on that stage is to sing and entertain people with music - and things that has to do with music . If she really wanted to show of her breast , again , why didn't she become a pornstar or stripper and entertain people that way ? The reason why she did it is soo obvious . She want to get attention , which she does get - for wrong reasons . That means she doesn't trust her talent at all . Please , there is millions of talented teenager that would kill for being in her place , having her career and oppurtunity to really evolve their talent into something serious . Tell me , Is it really a talent to show of breast ? We all know it's breast , but that's not why we're reacting like we do . It's her actions and waste of talent pepole get mad over And ofcourse , She's just 17 . How much she might wish that she was 25-30 , She is just 17 , no more , no less . Where are her parents ?! And why does she try so hard ? It only makes people feel uncormftable , I mean , she's not courtney love , and never will be .


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