Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd in Concert

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Taylor Momsen really knows how to push the envelope. Just days away from her return to our favorite show in "Easy J," the part-time rocker is making waves once again.

This case is a bit extreme, even by her standards, as the Gossip Girl star opened her shirt and flashed her breasts ("covered" by pasties) at a rock show in NYC last night.

Make no mistake, this was no invasion of her privacy by paparazzi. This was Taylor Momsen making darn sure everyone saw her topless at the Pretty Reckless concert:

Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd

OMFG: That doesn't even do justice to Taylor these days.

Pretty crazy stuff. She certainly doesn't hold back, whether you love her or hate her, she's carving her own path. Follow a video of Taylor's topless flashing antics ...

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    No comment!!


    now the videos of her flashing are rampant on youtube like any of the other cheap porn vids.


    what is she trying to tell us with all her recent stunts?


    why would she do that
    i really like her
    but she's being a freak!!!


    I'm offended as a female and as a music lover. Forget her trashiness for one moment (if you can) how can someone that cites The Beatles, Zeppelin, and Nirvana as her musical inspiration come up with this shit? The music sucks, the lyrics suck, her singing is just a series of mumbling. I was a vocal major for several years and my choir director would have slapped me silly if I had molested the mic the way she does. I'm not a Runaways fan by any means but at least Cherie Curry had stage presence. Taylor tried some moves and just got tangled in her god awful hair. I'm a huge fan of female rock stars, actually back in the day, Hole was a great band. Yes, Courtney Love started off with some talent. Then there's Heart and Garbage just to name two. And let's not forget Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane. Or Janice Joplin. TAYLOR MOMSEN IS NOT ROCK AND ROLL. SHE'S JUST TRASHY. "Make Want To Die" is a horrible song and I've had enough of this teenage fool walking around shaming the name of female rock stars. They've worked too hard to earn some respect in a male dominated industry and Taylor's "little" show sets them back.


    Girl is just doing her own thing. As she said, doesn't want to be a role model. And none of the stupid stunts - I'd just call this bold anyway, - don't take away the fact that girl has massive talent. Go Taylor!
    I HONESTLY don't think she's THAT talented. And even TALENT doesn't excuse her behaviour- which is just purely and honestly tactless. I'm embarrassed for her.


    bah, Mine are bigger


    People in this blog are such mean nasty haters. The girl is doing her own thing, carving her own path. Good for her.


    A truly talented person gets attention through their TALENT not taking off their top! She is so talented its sad that she has become so starved for attention. She sites The Beatles and Nirvana as her influences but I don't think they would sink this low to get attention for their music.


    Girl is just doing her own thing. As she said, doesn't want to be a role model.
    And none of the stupid stunts - I'd just call this bold anyway, - don't take away the fact that girl has massive talent.
    Go Taylor!