Taylor Momsen Gets Into the Halloween Spirit

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Tuesday in West Hollywood, 17-year-old Gossip Girl star and Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen was spotted dressed up for Halloween ... or any other night out for her, honestly.

Further comment rendered unnecessary ...

Goin' Goth

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Trash trash TRASH! Even for her.


She's not shocking - she's pathetic! Goth is over!


normally i couldnt give a crap about what she wears etc but she looks like shes dead there!


My only problem with Taylor Momsen is that she tries SO DAMN HARD it borders on pathetic. It is even sadder when you find out she's 17. She's trying to find herself, and the decisions she makes now can harm her future career. Usually at 17 you don't have that kind of perpective, so it's always better if you have your parents ou good friends around to guide you (if you happen to have good parents/friends, I don't know abou hers). So I expected more from her, but let's cut her some slack - she only comes across as the insecure, confused teenager she tries so hard not to be.


well...it IS scary....


ok i usually dont care what stars wear but this is discusting i mean shes only 17 and look what shes wearing... i agree with ashley she needs a parental figure to smack the shit out of her..and her band the pretty reckless i mean i get the rock punk style but shes 17 and the guys in her band are like 40 like wth i liked her in the first season when she was all nice and pretty and she didnt dress like this or cover her eyes and now lips with black makeup i mean i wear eyeliner its nice but she took it way to far. i dont know how that little nice girl in the first season became this. and yea she does look like a dead hooker


i'm surprised she was even allowed into the event she's been photographed at. But I agree with bjork - she makes a mean chuckie's bride. i think the thing that astounds me the most was only like three years ago, she wore beautiful dresses and took lovely pictures. The character of Jenny was always annoying but now the actor is also.

Jennmo13 gg 3

hahaha wow and this is why i hate her. slutttt


I agree with @Nikki and @TheGreyOne


Tattos and piercings have gone so mainstream, there's little left to shock people... but dressing like a poor man's GaGa isn't shocking or original or even interesting - it's just being a typical brooding, pissy teen. Bravo Taylor, you just keep proving how typical and average you really are!


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