Will Navid and Silver Hook Up on 90210?

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Through a handful of season three 90210 episodes, Navid hasn't done much. But a new report indicates that soon may change...

... and it's not a question of what he'll do - but who he'll do!

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly warns viewers to "look for sparks to start flying" between Navid and Silver around the November 1 installment of the show. The latter is single these days, of course, but we have to wonder what's in store for the seemingly happy couple below...

Ade and Navid

In his latest spoiler report, Ausiello also confirms that Ivy's father will play an active role on 90210 in early 2011. Doesn't sound like Oscar and that storyline are going away any time soon, does it?

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Ade is an idiot!!!! And we HATE her. How much more does Navid have to put up with. It's time that he finds some one who appreciates him for example, SILVER!!!
And there has always been something between them.


i love 90210!
i think Ethan would make a good comeback, and then there are so many girls he can get back togeother with, naomi, annie or silver, or even ivy as a new start!
Navid and adrianna were a good couple but they got boring, but they don't really work apart, they should stay togeother!!
Liam and annie are a good couple, they are also new so it would be more exiting!!
Dixon and ivy would be good to get back togeother!
Naomi and Oscar would last for a few episodes and then she could move on to someone new.
and silver could spend some time alone and then meet somebody or start texting ethan again. A good story would be silver going to a cancer meeting and meeting a brother of a sufferer!!!


silver and navid...thats just disgusting...ade and and navid are meant to be together...i mean he wanted to MARRY her and spent the rest of his live with her, he even wanted to raise a child with her that was not his... and silver shouldnt do this, too..i mean she is ade's friend, one of her best acually..and if i imagnine my friend to do thos to me...i know that she wont be my friend anymore.. sooo..please no silver and navid..and if..then let navid realise really quickly that he acually loves ade..


Navid and Ade have gone through sooo much together...
They belong together...
Does commitment really mean nothing to 90210 producers?
Can't think of anything good, so just put Navid and Silver together and call it a new storyline...


ade was a better for the show when she was on drugs,teddy being gay is just that.....gay, he was brought onto the show straight and never showed any signs what so ever of being gay, now their trying to play the oh he just hooked up with a million smoking hot girls just to try to get over the fact that he likes guys... Im not buying it, i have nothing against gays but if they wanted that added to the show they should have brought in another character to play that role instead of the useless roles they keep adding,like liams brother.


NO way silver and navid
i don't like it
navid and ade are the best couple and
navid know ade more and has a crush for about 11years on her...
let Navid and ade be happy forever >.<


Navid and Silver,it's not just right.Adriana should pay more attention to Navid.Navid and Adriana are the loveliest and cutest couple and they understand each other so well


even though ade's gone off track its just not right to have navid and silver. i think that ade and navid have a great history together and im sure fans wouldnt want to see it be ruined by coupling navid and silver. Even if it is time up for Nav and Ade dont ruin it by hooking silver (one of ade's friends!) up with navid.


Noooooo!! it should be Adrianna and Navid. Navid and Silver should just be friends. I swear by the time the season is over everyone would have gone out with eachother which is stupid. You cant do that to Adrianna.


Ade doesn't deserve Navid anymore.

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