Will Navid and Silver Hook Up on 90210?

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Through a handful of season three 90210 episodes, Navid hasn't done much. But a new report indicates that soon may change...

... and it's not a question of what he'll do - but who he'll do!

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly warns viewers to "look for sparks to start flying" between Navid and Silver around the November 1 installment of the show. The latter is single these days, of course, but we have to wonder what's in store for the seemingly happy couple below...

Ade and Navid

In his latest spoiler report, Ausiello also confirms that Ivy's father will play an active role on 90210 in early 2011. Doesn't sound like Oscar and that storyline are going away any time soon, does it?

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Thats true too much couple switching. At least put dixon and that surfer girl back together, they actually still love each other-or so they say.. Silver and Navid would be the opposite of opposites attract, theyre very similar and maybe would make better friends just because its nice to see a couple make it through everything like navid and ade..atleast have one couple that truly love each other and stay together despite everything.. i really like silver and if ade makes any more sacrifices in her r/t wit navid for her career, then he should consider silver...they would deffo rock as a couple. and please no gays! esp teddy he appears so masculine!! dont ruin the show!!!




The story line for Ade and Navid has come to a hault. There is nothing more to be done with that couple...they have (literally) been through everything imaginable.
I think the idea of Silver and Navid is a good one. Both are unique characters who seem to have their heads on straight. The writers should give them a try and see where things go.
As for Dixon and Silver, both are on different levels. I highly doubt they will get back together. They've really drifted apart. I also doubt that the majority of viewers would want them to get back together. Cute at first but got boring, as all couples do.
In addition, I don't think Teddy and Silver will get back together. It was clear that Silver didn't want anything to do with him last episode and he's clearly confused. According to spoilers, Teddy is gay making it unlikely they will get back together. I'm still debating on whether or not I like the idea of him being gay. I appreciate Ian, it was about time they incorporated a different sexuality (not just Ade experimenting). Hmmm I guess we'll just have to wait and see! I think surprises are what make 90210.


NavAde are soooooo booooooring together , Ade should be written off this show!
Navid and Silver have potencial!


Navid and Silver might work, they're both a bit nerdy. Navid and Ade is just a boring couple.


no! Navid and Silver! Thats like saying Teddy and Ivy would work. Its just not right.


WTF? NAVID+SILVER ewwwwwww Silver should be with Dixon @saad.GKhan Teddy is the most annoying character you should appologize for your mistake Hahaha
and dude you're totally a tool with what you said about Navid,yes I'm talk about the F-word grow up plz!
Ian is awesome but teddy should go but I want the show keep Ian!!


i think it will be a good pairing hope they keep navid and silver together... i used to like adrianna a lot but she has just gone downhill, silver is my fav and navid is a guy who will be faithful and so maybe she can find true love in him


i really dont think this show is going any where i think it has become a little boring, and the characters aren't having actually interesting story lines. and why are the writers changing couples every episode its like they dont want epic they wane chessy. i dont know i used to watch beverlly when i was younger and brandon and kelly were epic, same for donna and david. and they had story lines... this guys have.. time straching!


Keep a couple together 90210, will you!

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