90210 Photo Preview: "Best Lei'd Plans"

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When 90210 returns with a new episode on November 29, the show will focus on a couple of romances:

  • Silver and Navid.
  • Naomi and Zach.

Wait... who?!? This new character will be played by Zachary Abel and will be a surfer, as evidenced in this humorous clip of Naomi trying to get her flirt on.

Below, we've posted a few photos from "Best Lei'd Plans," which will also focus on Ivy wanting to track down her father and Dixon/Annie setting their mother up with an online dating account.

Bunch of Beach Beauties
With Zach
Growing Tighter
Hitting the Beach

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Fuck someone hurt liam cuz liam do nothing Silver and navid go date fuck ade big time


That is so true mario


looks like a fun episode!


@addict666 You may think that, because the 90210 promos are always kinda silly, but the episodes always has drama and almost never ends up happily, no matter how they show it in the promos. Promos for this shows are nothing like the TV show itself.


Great more crappy overacting from Annalynne, please smack her with a gag order.


I don't like how they are going for two "comical" episodes in a row, when the girls are all happy together it is pretty boring

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.