Alleged Gossip Girl Plot Details From "Gaslit"

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Some significant plot details for the next new episode of Gossip Girl, November 29's "Gaslit," have leaked online. We cannot vouch for their accuracy or their source.

Make of this what you will. It could be pure fiction or 100 percent accurate. We have no idea. That being said, it's worth a read for those in need of a Gossip Girl fix!

Follow the jump to read the alleged spoilers in YouTube form ...

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First off, Serena ddeserves what she got. Maybe no to the extreme that Juliet took it but she kept going back and forth between Dan and nate it just wasn't fair. I was glad to see that an upper east sider got taken down in a sense it was a nice change. HOWEVER Serena needs to get mean and take Juliet down cause that girl just took it way too far. I was upset with the whole chair bit but I'm looking forward to their interactions in the future


Awweee dan and s RUNAWAYS lol =)I for once feel horrible for s. It took her forever to build her rep and now the stupid outsider bitches are just walking all over her. I can't be mad at B and Lilly for not believing S as she has had a questionable past, but its just so frustrating to see it happen!! Ugh lol.


Serena and Dan are running away together?


I totally agree with chair4evz and kendz. C'mon, what's wrong with those imbecile characters such as Jenny and Vanessa? They are the most evil tv characters ever! I think should remain in Brooklyn if they can't stand the life on UES. V should got her head shaved off and Jenny should be infested with STD. When Season 2 and 3 kicks in, all I thought there will be reappraisal and resolution on how their characters will be. They should be written off and let the real bitches handle the plot. I will reconsider Georgina and Juliet as they have initially marked to be a superlative antagonist, against S and B, with no future and no friends to be concerned with. Jenny's character doesn't going anywhere just like leach.


Lets be honest people Serena might be alot of things but she did'nt deserve any of that crap. And dont even get me started on Jenny she wanted to be apart of their world no one forced her. She made her decesion now she needs to lie in the bed she made, same goes for Vanessa. Whom frankly is way to damn judgmental for someone who is just as bad as they are. Except the difference is where Blair, Serena, and Chuck succeed she fails and it makes her seem like such whiny Bitch. Nate and Dan so overateddddddd!!!!!!!!!


Juliet is getting back at Serena, because her brother went to jail because of Serena back in boarding school. I understand that, but Jenny? Her character is the most hate-able character ever invented. She's such a little bitch, annoying & thinks she's this little innocent girl from Brooklyn, but she's not. She gets involved in everything & creates bigger problems. No ones done anything to her, especially Serena. And she goes & sleeps with her once step brother Chuck? She's crying for attention. Her & Nate better not end up together either.
And finally Vanessa? What did Serena ever do to her. Does she even have any friends apart from Dan? No. She's a loner & I don't understand why she's in the show. She's not important at all & just tries to get into everyone's business. If someone was to be killed off the show, please let it be either Jenny or Vanessa. I'd rather keep Juliet anyday, because she doesn't shit me up the wall like these two do!


has anyone new spoilers about chair? i really hope chuck will find out about the bulumbia from blair. someday. it would really be an amazing storyline


FINALLY! Please tell me that we're going to see SOMETHING related to how Serena "used to be." I'm so tired of everyone saying how she used to be a party girl, used to be the queen... PLEASE! Show us something already, because the way they've written her, she doesn't seem to be the type of girl who ever used to be a party girl OR queen bee...


I watched her last video for the last gossip girl and she was right :)


I watched her video ast video for the last gossip girl and she was right :)

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