Blake Lively Sparkles in New York

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Wow, check out those earrings and bangles.

Serena would be proud. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively certainly sparkled at the launch of jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz's "2BHappy" collection Monday in New York:

What a Jewel

Somehow, we don't think Blake will be single for long.

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I don't think she is beautiful at all. Her face is so rough. It's almost like a man's face. She has so wide and long nose, ugly lips and when she smiles the lines around her smile go even below the lips. That's really ugly. How can't you see it?!


I saw her interview in E! at that event. She was so funny, she joked that she was almost going to wear the outfit that one of the models painted in silver was wearing. I also read that at another place she bought 40 pairs of Loboutins! Some for friends and family, but others for herself.


Blake Lively she sparkles like a Diamond. Lights up a room. Love her character because she is so real. You feel like you have known her for years. She reminds me of my cousin the front door is always open and you feel welcome. She won't be single that long. She is a great catch. Sharon. Ps single is always better until you meet the right person.


I could not agree more. I really liked mean Serena (1x03 - Posion Ivy and 2x04 - The Ex-Files, not to mention some other episodes). Still I don't want her to turn into a hideous blonde bitch. This show already has Jenny and Juliet.


Blake certainly can portray characters. She can separate her image as herself from Serena, without losing the glamor and style. GG executives, give us our SUPER MEAN SERENA! It's about time she stand up for herself and fight!

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