Coming to Grey's Anatomy: An Emotional Case For Teddy

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Teddy's about to be faced with a dilemma on Grey's Anatomy in the form of a patient played by guest star Scott Foley. It's a case that makes her question what's really important.

He's broke, and will pop the question to his girlfriend, according to TV Guide. He loves her, but also her health insurance. He's dying, and after multiple surgeries, financially strapped.

Just when the hospital is about to kick him out, Teddy decides to take on his case pro bono. The December 2 episode, "Adrift and at Peace," sounds like it could be a real tear-jerker.

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Love Teddy seriously think that she is hilarious. Hated that Cristina/Owen/Teddy triangle last year. Thank GOD she's finally getting used & getting her own story line instead of just being pushed into the background so far this year. I just hope that this doesn't turn into another STUPID ghost story. To the writers if you're gonna kill characters let them stay DEAD! GEZZZ!!! Other wise this show will turn into BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL or worse PASSIONS!!!


I am dreading this storyline. If the spoilers are true Ted's gonna marry a man who's terminally ill and is in love/ involved with a girlfriend, eeww. I can't feel any empathy for this storyline, wish I could.


I find Teddy pretty blah. Can we move on to the other characters? What is in the cards for Lexie/Jackson for instance?


i for one, like teddy. kim raver is an excellent actress, are we serious? and i think this storyline has bigggg potential.


Ok leave Teddy alone, Kim raver is a great actress and i for one can relate to Teddy and her complicated love life and admire that she can still go to work in the hospital with the man who didn't love her back and still be able to slowly build a life of its own.
yes, this can turn into a denny 2.0 but dont judge until you see it.
i dont think that the grey's writers would do this after that annoying deny ghost storyline


Come guys this will not be Denny 2.0. This guys name will probably be Benny. And unlilke Denny, Benny is not super, super rich. He is poor. Completely different. And yes. That was sarcasm.


I hoooope its not gonna be denny 2, that would SUCK


@rr teddy is a terrible actress with no expressions?????huh!!! pls enlighten me abt mark sloan and his 1001 facial expressions he's got....guy has the same face when he is laughing or crapping...he's been there for over 4 seasons with only 1 facial expression...alteast teddy's got a past to run an interesting storyline....if teddy has to go, mark should have gone a long time ago...


The only reason I'll be crying is because Teddy/KR will be on the screen taking time away from the REAL GA characters. She's a terrible actress with no expression & nothing to add to the Greys' story. Please someone take her away!!


Oh, another Izzie-Denny no2.

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