Debbie Allen to Direct "Big" Grey's Anatomy Episode

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Fresh off a stint as Hellcats director, Debbie Allen will be working behind the camera on Grey's Anatomy. What does the famed choreographer and writer have in store for us?

"It is a big episode," Debbie told E! Online, laughing.

"It might be the biggest episode of the season - I think it is! I love the cast. They are so much fun - Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sara Ramirez, Sarah Drew, Kevin McKidd, Chandra Wilson. I had a scene today with all of them in one scene, and it was wonderful."

Debbie A.

Why do we have a hunch this is the Grey's Anatomy musical we've heard rumors about? We're just throwing that out there, but you never know, it wouldn't be the biggest stretch.

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Because Sandra Oh was spotted filming at a college campus in California. I can't give you a link because the person who told didn't have a link.


how do you know there is a college shooting? can u direct me to any links about it?


@humbugged What does the pictures of the extra show? I know that in 7x11 there is going to be a shooting in a college campus.


They are currently filming 7.11 .So she is not there for the musical epi. Its going to be a big episode in other ways though(if you have seen the pics of the extra that have been posted you will know what I'm talking about).Sandra was filming at the USC campus last week by the way


I truly enjoy Debbie Allens work, but I just don't see Grey's as a musical. It must be a dream sequence. Maybe it will involve the kid whose leg Alex saved.

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