First Listen: The Warblers Cover Train!

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Pssst, New Directions: want an early look at one of the songs your competition will be covering at Sectionals next week?

Fox has released the following clip from the Glee episode "Special Education." It features The Dalton Academy Warblers and their rendition of the Train hit single "Hey, Soul Sister."

How strange is it to see Kurt singing with another group? But, then again, how great is it to see him smiling?!? Take it away Darren Criss...

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Yeah, Kurt don't look so happy there, but I looove Rachel supporting him and I hope they become great friends :D


uhm..cute? haha


it's so cute how rachel and glee are so supportive! i love when rachel's nice; it doesn't happen a lot :P


Personally I'm not a fan the Warblers. I don't like their covers Teenage Dream particularly. They sound too harmonized and frankly boring and the fact that it's mainly Blaine that sings they sound more of a band than a club. I like New Directions, sure they have Rachel & Finn singing most of the time coz the group needs that but at least everyone gets a chance to shine. Well most of them so far.


So agree with the last two comments. Kurt doesn't look at all happy. I think he'll become unhappy in his safe haven and eventually go back to New Directions / McKinley. Nice to see him performing with Blaine though.


This may be a weird thing to notice, but I love how Rachel seems supportive of Kurt, reminding him to smile during the performance. Kind of...endearing. I maintain that if they were ever to become friends they would be great together.


I agree with justme. Kurt looks uncomfortable, oh and did anyone realize that either New Directions or the Warblers have to lose and since the entire first episode of the season was about Nationals in New York and if New Directions lost Sectionals, there would be no Nationals in New York.


why does everyone think that kurt looks happy? he looks nervous and stiff and uncertain, except maybe at the end he loosens up a bit. all the glee kids are smiling like "aw, how cute" but kurt doesn't exactly look like he's having the time of his life. i mean, it's understandable seeing how he's competing against his former school/team, but we all know how great of a performer kurt is, and he is *not* showing it here. i'm not saying i don't *want* kurt to be happy, of course i want him to be, but he doesn't look it here.


Ah How sweet was Rachel in there:P


I just smiled for 2 minutes and 27 seconds straight.
It's amazing to see Kurt happy. It's amazing to see Rachel encouraging him. And whatever Darren Criss does is amazing in general. haha Not my favorite cover, but it was still... well, amazing.

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