Glee Christmas Album Preview: Song Snippets!

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On November 16, fans can purchase the Glee Christmas album. Take a look at the complete track list for this CD now.

It's hard to believe any fans of this Fox hit would hesitate to include this as a stocking stuffer, but in case you're having any doubts, the following video should put them to rest.

All 12 songs from the album are sampled in it, from "We Need a Little Christmas" to "Baby, It’s Cold Outside." Take a listen, decide whether or not you'll buy it and remember: two weeks later, on November 30, Glee: The Music, Volume 4 also comes out.

[video url="" title="Glee Christmas Album Preview"] [/video]

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I want to hear 'Merry Christmas Darling', probably one of my alltime favourite Christmas songs anyway, add Lea Michele singing it and I'm so excited to hear it. This snippet was too short. 'O Holy Night' sounds nice, I hope they keep that simple (snippet too short to tell). Others songs so far not doing much for me (I love 'Last Christmas' but prefer the original).

Jennmo13 gg 3

im disappointed. i dont like the songs they picked and they way they re did these :/


I heard Dianna's voice in one of the songs/ I will be listening to this all the time, cant wait for Christmas music time


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