Gossip Girl Caption Contest 128

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Welcome to the 128th Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's Caption Contest winner is JKMArchibald. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions for this edition, using a classic photo from "War at the Roses," go out to examinations, TheYalier and blairarchibald. Thanks for playing!

War Room

Chuck: So has anyone got any ideas on how to get Vanessa off this show?

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Chuck: ...And whatever happens, we never speak about the body we dumped in Jennys closet.


Chuck: Okay, so Dan will have Serena Sunday through Wednesday...
Blair: And Nate will have her Thursday through Saturday.
Serena: I can see Colin in secret the entire time, right?
Nate: I don't see why you can't just choose, Serena.
Serena: Nate, stop being so selfish.


Nate:My Fridays are always ruin because I go on TV Fanatic and grey's anatomy and vampires diaries have a caption contest but One Tree Hill don't have one thats BS,its been on for eight years and it still gets no credit. Chuck:I'm still heart broken they took the 90210 caption contest away. Blair:you two really need to get a life. S:Or get laid.


Chuck: So we're both in agreement that Nate looks like a douchebag from the late 90's in this picture.
Blair: Definitely. What do you think Serena?
Serena: Nate rhymes with plate.
Blair: Go home.


chuck: So did u get it that it was Mr. Plum in the Library with the gun?


Chuck: Let's see how long we can stare at each other without having sex.
Blair: Okay
Nate: (talking to himself) I can't stop looking at Serena's overly exposed breasts.
Serena: I wonder if anyone notices my breasts in this dress.

Evelyn bakas

Chuck: So let me get this straight
Blair : OK
Chuck: Serena actually got into college
Blair: Yes
Nate: I did too
Chuck: I'm sorry what? Nate too?
Blair: I know, I was astounded too
Nate: Yeah Serena's stupid
Serena: Yeah I am...wait what?

La vritable rachel

Nate to Serena: Wow, I talk to you and Chuck talks to Blair. We should get our own table.
Serena: I think I get what you mean, but I'm not good at math. :*


NATE: I have to read ALL the things?


Blair: so chuck...you mean to tell me that the cast of Jersey shore stole the fist pump from you?
Nate: Seriously man...
Serena: This is unbelievable...
Blair: I know right...should we sue?

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