Gossip Girl Caption Contest 131

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Welcome to the 131st Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... maggieh10. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go to chuckandevaftw, saarele and QueenBee. Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

A Nate and Juliet Pic

Juliet: Nate, I know my poverty can be a turn off, but I did not do my own hair. Vanessa did it. Why are you looking away from me?

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Nate:MMmmm Serena... Juliette-That's Dan. Nate-Ohhh yeah sure


Nate : Look, the Dean !
Juliet (thinking): Right ... As if you were not looking at Serena ... That's what they always do...


Juliet: Is that-Is that Blair and Dan?
Nate: Well, he couldn't stay lonely boy forever
Juliet: You wish it was you, don't you?
Nate: *sniff* Yes


Juliet: "I guess Serena's here, the spotlight has been stolen." Nate: "You know, you wanting to take down Serena is becoming too much. It could be your obsession thats stealing the spotlight."


Juliet: oh no! i cant remember which shop to return this dress to... phew i thik i've got it... oh no that was yesterdays, i really need some kind of system here.


Juliet : I love Dan.
Nate : Me too... I mean Vanessa, I love Vanessa!
Juliet : That's seriously not an improovement.


Nate: I bet you a new haircut and hi-lighting that Serena and me have a bigger fan base than "Derena"
Juliet: I checked on SpoilerTV. Your loosing bad.
Nate: Crap.


Nate: Holy crap is that a raccoon?
Juliet: No its Jenny Humphrey idiot!
Nate: Wow, someone does their hair worse than you.


Nate: Serena is so hot. Juliet: Serena is so dead.


Nate: I can't believe Dan is wearing the same tux as me.. he knows the only time we're supposed to match is when we wear flannel pajamas during our sleepovers.

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