Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "The Witches of Bushwick"

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Last night's episode, "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore," ended with a major takedown (Chuck and Blair one million, world zero), and the battle lines for round two are clearly drawn.

Now, here's the first sneak preview clip from next Monday's Gossip Girl, "The Witches of Bushwick." With new ally Jenny, outsiders Vanessa and Juliet are plotting revenge.

What do you think their plan is, and what did she say to Lily? Will they succeed, or is this plot destined to end badly for JJV (Jenny-Juliet-Vanessa and/or Junior Junior Varsity)?

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Total beaches,no bitches!They äre blowin it.jjv must go to the drain or rather they stay so that they may blow it then we can giggle behind their back.I KNOW YOU LOVE ME


awh CB is so cute! did you guys also hear blair say "not tonight" when chuck picked her up to take her up the stairs, last episode? so adorable : ) (ps! you'll hear it if the volume is up LOUD) I really hope this continou for a while. I love it! them being friends, or more than friends. so vulnerable...


Lol @Mads. Agnes is gorgeous. I want her back.


yesssss finally people are not obsessing over Chair. Chair annoyes me its getting old so is the whole nate serena dan thing. serena just needs to forget dan and be with nate cuz dan is boring and her step brother. as for vjj they all need to die off the show there characters arn't important and although jenny is semi important she annoys me by trying to take nate away from serena. As for this episode it looks really good and its obvi serena kissing nate and juliet or jenny kissing dan. and how stupid are nate and dan for not realiaing that the s jenny and juliet sound nothing alike and are all different heights jeez.

I am xoxo

@ tina it is because serena had take away nate's "virginity" at 1st place while they are saving for each other. that so call bff? just my opinion and u deserve yours.


Vanessa sucks! Are they writing her off the show? Once Little J figures out they've gone too far with their plan Vanessa is not going to have any friends. Serena and her friends will come out on top and closer while Vanessa will be even more of an outsider because Juliet isn't sticking around.


I'm actualy excited for this lol. Vanessa being bitchy? what? I hope Juliet stays, I like her


Have read the spoiler, Serena will end up in bed in a motel courtesy of Juliet after the masquerade party. I wonder what she's up to. Oh, and the VJJ or JJV (whatever) will succeed with their first phase plan as NJBC will all turn against S. Definitely the coming episode is must-see. It's like GG Season 2 again. Savage, bring Georgina back! For sure she can take down Ben and Juliet in an instant. You messed up her character the opening of this season, so make-up with that by giving her a kick-ass storyline. Trash the Russian conspiracy thingy, it didn't work.


@Mr Baas, that's a plausible cause. But you may have forgotten the hints that Colin revealed. He implies in a way that it should have been Juliet in prison and not Ben. Perhaps Ben had protected Juliet over something and took the accusation. What do u think?


Can we please replace the raccoon w/Agnes? At least she's pretty and crazy.

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