Grey's Anatomy to "Cure" Cristina Thursday?

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A little time away can work wonders.

The Derek-Cristina fishing trip in this Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy will do what we've been waiting months for, according to E! Online, and that's "fix" Cristina Yang.

How exactly it does that, we'll have to wait and see, but it's supposedly very emotional, and with the outdoorsy McDreamy guiding this self-help trip, how can it go wrong?

Meanwhile, Scott Foley guest stars as a new patient of, and potential love interest for Teddy, who's really taken with him. Click here for a full photo gallery for Thursday!

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For everybodies information Meredith is NOT blaming Owen for anything. She just doesn't understand how can Owen do nothing, because in Mer's eyes Owen is doing nothing to help Cristina and get her back to work. He has let Cristina fall apart completly. On the other hand Meredith has been given Cris the space she needs, and nothing has happened.


@anuflas Derek told her, "I am your attending" when she tried to talk to him about lying to Meredith. So, he has done it for personal reasons. From the promos, it looks to me like she is yelling at him for not having a plan. He obviously is not trying to kill the patient. She can't expect to yell at her attending in the middle of the OR without consequence. Plenty of other attendings on the show have kicked people out just for being disrespectful from what I saw, she was distracting him. If she wanted to help, she would come up with a plan, otherwise, let him do his job.


No, that episode actually came on today and, while she didn't think it was a good idea, she only talked about not kicking out her roomates. It wasn't for Izzie or Alex's benefit, it was for Meredith's benefit, because she thought Meredith needed them.


Derek has kicked Cristina twice of the OR but both by work-related reasons. And he hasn't pulled rank since at the end, she ends up being in the OR with him. Unlike Owen who kicks Meredith out for personal reasons. One was the case of Rick who lost his fingers and Cristina wasn't helping the patient by giving him his last smoke. Even so, she did scrub into his surgery. The second time was in S4, for trying to push Cristina to be a better teacher to Lexie and she did scrubbed in to help Lexie when she screwed up. Plus, based on the promos, Meredith yells at Owen in the OR because he decides to do nothing for the patient they were saving, NOT about Cristina. Then, when the patient is out (or dead) they talk about Cristina. Owen has been the one to pull rank on Meredith and kick her out when it suits him. Yeah, what a great boss.


This whole Cristina thing was bearable until she started blaming Meredith for it... I am sick of Cristina acting like a basket case and I am sick of her treating Meredith like this. Meredith has helped Cristina more than anyone.
If it was really doing a surgery on Derek that made Cristina like this, then why does she yell at Meredith when she tries to help, but goes finishing with Derek? I want this thursday to come, so I can be done with watching Cristina treat Meredith like this. She better apologize!


I don't get how is it that you people can say that Meredith is inappropriately yelling at Owen in the OR from a promo. The scenes on the promo are out of context for dramatic effect, and so is the sneak peek. You guys don't know if it is Meredith or Owen being inappropriate here, because you guys haven't seem the episode.


If I remembered correctly Cristina went to Dr. Wyatt to ask her to tell Meredith that it was a bad idea to move in with Derek, because she couldn't say anything to Meredith and Dr.Wyatt told Cristina that it most be painful the thought of losing Meredith to Derek. Cristina wasn't talking about the roommates, she could care less where Alex and Izzie lived.


@i_am_a_fan The times that Cristina has confronted Derek during work, he has pulled rank on her. He has kicked her off surgeries before. Cristina didn't tell Dr. Wyatt that Derek shouldn't move in with Meredith, she told her to tell Meredith to not kick out her other roomates. They don't have to like each other's husbands. Meredith blaming Owen is not an issue, even if I do think she is wrong in blaming him,I don't care. But to say that he is wrong in defending himself and trying to do the best thing for the patient is ridiculous. He has every right to kick her out, Derek has done it to Cristina for lesser things. To say that she has every right to put a patients life in danger is ridiculous as well. I don't even like Owen, but he doesn't have to take her crap without saying anything and she doesn't get to distract him with a patient. So what if he is trained for it. The best environment is one where you don't have to deal with someone yelling in your ear while you are trying to make a life or death decision. He has an obligation to provide that for his patient when he can.


when owen yelled at jackson it was for good reasons he was being a teacher and that is his job , but this is a different situation and we really don't what that whole get out of the OR thing is about , but from what it looks like it seems that owen is irritated by meredith judging his way of dealing with cristina and what i am saying is even if this is true he does not get to kick her out of the OR because this is not teaching , like when he kicked her the last time when they where operating on the fat guy that was not teaching and like when he asked her to go and help cristina instead of the lab that was also not teaching. Those are two different situations.


@I_am_a_fan Right. Owen didn't kick Jackson out of the OR on the last episode and he also yelled at him. So it is okay for Jackson to yelled at Owen, but hey it is not okay for Meredith to yelled at Owen. Like it is okay for Cristina to quit, but it is not okay for Jackson to quit. I mean Jackson was going to quit on same episode Cristina quit, but hey Jackson get a speech on how he doesn't get to quit but Cristina doesn't get that speech. I don't care if Meredith yelling at Owen is right or not right, all I care is that Meredith is finally snapping, she finally yelling at someone even if it is not right. Meredith rarely yells at people, Meredith is usually the one getting yelled at and finally she is yelling at someone and I think is a change of pace for Meredith.

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