New Gossip Girl Promo: "The Witches of Bushwick"

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Below is a new promo for next week's Gossip Girl, "The Witches of Bushwick." As ardent fans may know, the Canadian promos often show different clips, as is the case here.

It appears that Monday, Dan and Nate give a waffling Serena an ultimatum, while whatever scheme Jenny and Juliet are planning involves dressing up like they're in a cult.

Good times. Check out the teaser below and tell us what you think ...

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Although I hate her, I do get where Vanessa's coming from.
Serena never takes ownership of her faults. She always has this vicimised mentality.
Never do you hear her say "I know I messed up, im sorry."
So yes. She needs to be taught a lesson I agree. It pisses me off that jenny's involved though. The writers need to redeem her majorly. I was hoping when she got back she'd be decent again, but obviously not. What was the point of sending her away in the first place if she wasnt going to come back better off? Juliets a douche. Im over her crap.


HELLO!,Vanessa and Jenny are pretending to be on Julie`s side and help her ,in her revenge plan just to set her up,ruin her evil plan of vendetta,and get their revenge on her(Juliet) for what all the damage that she caused to Serena,Blair,Chuck,Dan,Nate and Vanessa lifes ect.think about it,well even if Jenny wants to win the love and trust of everyone is easy for her,but wanting Nate to be happy with Serena or any girl he choused,even that she is still in love with him more then ever,is the hardest and heartbreaking part for to do and take. PAYBACK IS A BITCH ON YOU,JULIET. I hope romance between Nate and Jenny revives stronger then ever and Blair and Chuck`s romance never ends.
and for what I saw The Witches of Bushwick promo,this Halloween episode is gonna be a OMFG thriller and Sexy boom boom. xoxoxo,D.


Oh, and Juliet. Its NOT the perfect dress if you and two other HOTTER girls are wearing it too. God, you're so dumb you're having a teenager fight your battles. UGH. Good to see Jenny without the make up. Taylor Momsen can dress however she likes off the show but the producers should seriously take control of her wardrobe ON screen.


How is ruining relationships with two guys she can't decide between from HIGH SCHOOL going to ruin Serena's ENTIRE life? Gossip Girl just hasn't been the same since they went to college, because seriously, NOBODY cares about this type of crap in college. There would be all these people from different schools and different states going to Columbia. Few of them would have heard of Gossip Girl, less would care about Serena or Blair. Its just not believable anymore.


I totally heard the "Not tonight" whispered by Blair, but it's SO hard to catch. I heard it on like the fifth try searching for it. And @Elise of the upper east side, I think she would say "Not tonight" as in not saying goodbye/good night to each other that night I guess. She says "not tonight" just as he turns with her in his arms and starts walking with her, right before they pan out to the view of the stairs.




as much as i hate to admit it, serena is the one who kissed dan, juliet kissed nate :/ serenate


this season is my favorite one so far... well since season 1. :) :)i hope the writers think carefully & not mess up d script. there are so many great possibilities & i hope they deliver...


oh & vanessa can go fall in a ditch... or a volcano... or drown. she jus needs to die or go visit a far off land again. something, anything... she's sooooooo irrelevant.


i wish that the writers would stop messing chuck & blair up... i mean can't they declare that they love eachother first? & then play all d games they want... it seems like they're never really on d same wave length when it comes to d "L" word or relationship or commitment. then there's d fear that when they do become boyfriend/ girlfriend d relationship will be boring again. chuck & blair can't b borin... but at d same time it's not satisfactory that they're not a couple. from d promo chuck tells blair that he loves her... i hope hope hope that she says it back or i'll b super disappointed. crushed* more like it. lol. :)

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