Nikita: Casting for a Love Interest

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Might love soon be in the air on Nikita?

The show is casting for an attractive actor to come on board The CW drama in the role of a new neighbor for Alex.

On the Lonely Road

It's okay, Alex. Love is out there for you!

Look for this recurring character to offer Alex a glimpse outside the world of Division and give her hope that life doesn't have to be so scary and depressing all the time.

Got any suggestions on who should play this role?

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Thad Luckinbille of course. Her old boyfriend from Y&R. It would be so great to see Lyndsy and Thad back together. They had such great chemistry.


Thad Luckinbill!


What about Thom? He matches Alex well!! In addition, I love Niki&Michael!! Please give them more time together!


they are not looking for a love interest for nikita, they are looking for a love interest for ALEX.


how about milo ventimiglia or maybe some that really looks like a badda**, such as wentworth miller :)


Nikita doesn't need a love interest; she has Michael. CW's problem is that they are losing their usual 'girlie' demographic after TVD is over, and to try to keep them, they are going to add a new man. Just provide more screentime with Nikita and Michael together!!!


I dont care who, just make him hot :p


I really don't like the idea of new characters, if supernatural can just be dean and sam why can't nikita be nikita/alex and all the other supporting characters


Ashton Holmes is Hot even if someone new comes by he wouldn't last for too long... I vote for "Grey Damon from spoil Brat like Jason Stackehouse True Blood and Friday Night Lights" or "Ethan Peck from 10 things I hate about you T.V" they are young and HOT!


Me! >_>

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