Penn Badgley Gets a Birthday Surprise From Blake

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They aren't dating anymore, but Penn Badgley still got a 'lil something from Blake Lively on his 24th birthday yesterday: A birthday cake! Looks like a delicious one, too!

The two were filming Gossip Girl yesterday in New York, where Penn was surprised by his old friend and now ex-girlfriend. Aww. What a sweet gesture from a sweet girl.

The former couple confirmed their breakup last week after dating for three years. Good to see they're still on good terms. Well, hopefully, if Ed didn't steal all the cake ...

Birthday Boy

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This makes me sorta sad /: how sweet is that.


Awwwe how cutee!!!
Blake is really sweet! It's up to them to get back together in real life... But I atleast want them to get back together in the showw! :( miss them as a couple
lol Ed's gonna take the cake and run ;)


Why did they have to break up? they're like the cutest couple ever!


Ed & the cake please! ♥


Westwick is like, GIMME THE CAKE!


So cute! And I love the preview but I already mentioned that :)
At least make Dan & Serena get back together... (Penn and Blake's relationship is officially none of our business of course).. But they look amazing togheter!


How cute of her to do that for him.
Ed just looks like he wants to take off with the cake. Blake: Do you like it? Do you like it? Best cake ever right?
Penn: It's great chocolate cake, love that. *Thinks* I hate chocolate cake*
Ed: That's so nice of you Blake. Thinks *Ummmmm cakeeee yummyyyyy, give me some damn cake you bitch*


the yummiest thing in this pic is ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get back together already! Who are they fooling? Sparks are flying around everywhere!


aw! that's so sweet. Thank god blake isn't serena in real life. the cake and Ed look yummy!


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