Taylor Momsen Blames Dark, Miserable Persona on Parents

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen blames her parents for robbing her of a healthy childhood, insisting they are the reason she's so dark and miserable nowadays.

The actress and Pretty Reckless singer tells Starpulse, "Everyone's like, 'Wow, why is she upset? Why is she miserable?' My parents signed me up with Ford [modeling agency] at the age of two. No 2-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice."

Edgy Taylor

Blame Taylor Momsen's parents!

The 17-year-old lightning rod continues, "My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn't have any real friends. I was working constantly and I didn't have a real life."

Anybody buying that?

Upbringing certainly plays an instrumental role, but don't you think she plays into the whole "edgy" vibe with some of her own antics? It's hard to imagine her parents are pleased with topless concert photos or her Revolver cover. Just putting that out there.

Thoughts? Discuss!

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uhm taylor, honie, only 2 years ago were you bright, happy, beautiful, and NORMAL! Don't blame your emo/gothic barbie act on your parents. Thats just wrong. Your parents built your career. You decided to go through with it. And don't make fun of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber when you shouldn't be talking. GROW UP!


Whats the difference between Taylor Momsen and Little J? i can say none. It's another teen drama! Does she have originality as an artist, or is she really an artist? She is a trying- hard- to- be one of those bad girls who blames their parents for letting them stem into super stardom. They keep on complaining about the downside of being a celebrity as well as she attacks on other celebs. Well, bitch, no one can force you and you can simply quit and be ordinary anytime you want. Get an education, go to school and have friends. Simple as that and still you crave for more attention and headlines.


"all you people posting with avatars other than GG, please reconsider. It really should be a GG pic, preferably chair. " uum.
what the fuck? 1. TVFanatic isn't all about Gossip Girl
2. Not everybody likes Chair. You can stfu now.


it seems when her GG character went dark and angry so did she!
I dont like her this way .
I like season 1 her.
shes gonna be the next lindsay lohan.


Here we go again, Lindsay Lohan take 2. She can take a break from acting and do something she wants to do, it`s her decision now. If she stopped her diva behavior she would probably have friends. Gossip girl seems like it would be a fun set to hang out on. Sidenote: Can we please get Adrian Grenier on to play Vanessa's older brother?


This is ridiculous. Perhaps her parents are somewhat to blame, but ultimately it's her choice to go out and behave the way she does and say the attention-needy things she does. I don't want to judge her, but I am disgusted by her behavior.


@xoxoK so what she is american? it's not like your country is perfect and it doesn't have poverty. it's not like cutting sugar cane is part of my reality either (yeah, it happens in my country, but still is not part of my reality). it's not like being hungry like the kids in Africa is part of our reality. but still we all have to have the knowledge that life for the most part of the people in the world SUCKS.
we are privileged of having good houses, with computers, internet and a bunch of excess. but I WISH it was like that in the whole world.
she is american and there are no kids that cut sugar in your country? yeah, in my country there are no terrorism. but yet, we know that is out there, and we are thankful that it isn't with us that it happened the September 11.
if taylor wasn't so spoiled, she would see that, yeah, maybe being a model with 2 was bad, but it's not a reason for all of this. and, i'm sorry xoxoK, but are people in the power like you, that think 'so what i'm american' (like it is a big deal more than to be from any other place), or that not necessarily is american, but that only can think in your own country with that closed mind, that makes the world full of war and hate.
we can't think only in our country, we have to think for our world (;


all you people posting with avatars other than GG, please reconsider. It really should be a GG pic, preferably chair.


makes sense...poor girl


if she wants to do something different, i am sure there is no one holding a gun to her head to work. she must have loads of cash and could stop working and live a normal life , just go to school, build friends etc. sure, she's a minor but it happens to be illegal here to force your child to work...and she probably doesnt have much more GG to do either. it's her choice.


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