The Walking Dead Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

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I was intrigued by The Walking Dead from the start.

Zombies are a concept that is normally saved for movies, so it’s a unique idea to cover this genre on the small screen. Moreover, the fact that the drama aired on a network responsible for Mad Men and Breaking Bad made the idea seem that much more enticing. And if that weren’t enough to pique my interest, Frank Darabont, director of The Shawshank Redemption, directed the first episode.

What was there not to like?

Rick Grimes Photo

After watching what felt like a feature length movie, “Days Gone Bye” not only held my interest, but has me looking forward to following these characters for a long time.

First, the makeup and effects of the zombies are fantastic. They give a chilling and scary feeling as they walk around on screen. Plus, the fact that there’s a “viewer discretion advised” attached to the show illustrates just how far the boundaries are going to be pushed. How many bloody headshots were there? How disgusting was the horse being ripped apart and eaten? It all felt so real.

This also includes its characters. Rick Grimes is a fantastic protagonist. The way he carries himself is certainly that of a leader and someone on whom others can count. He’s not brash or trigger happy, but he knows how to use a weapon. I like that aside from the zombie outbreak, his life isn’t perfect. He has issues to deal with and emotions to conquer. This is a character to whom we can relate.

The increased look of confusion and horror as Rick moves from the hospital to his home is very realistic. I can understand his feelings and bewilderment, especially when he sees his first zombie. All he can do is run away from something that seems unimaginable. Isn’t that how we would feel in the same situation?

Rick meeting up with Morgan Jones and his son gives us a look at how someone would deal with a loved one becoming a zombie. His experience shows how Morgan maintains certain morals and even continues to monitor his son’s manners, despite the broken society. Even when he is faced with the prospect of killing his undead wife, he can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. He can’t move on - literally and emotionally.


Another storyline that will certainly become interesting involves his best friend and partner, Shane Walsh. He has started an intimate relationship with Rick’s wife while he leads a group of survivors. Not only is Rick not going to be happy, but also there is the potential for a power struggle when he shows up. These types of moments will keep the show about the people rather than the blood and effects.

It is the climactic scene in Atlanta that gives off great visuals of Rick on horse, the devastation of a great city, and the look of the zombies. I know that because Rick is the main character, he’s going to survive the mob of creatures. However, it didn’t stop me from feeling as tense and nervously claustrophobic as Rick struggled to escape. I was so glad he was able to hide in that tank even though the zombie soldier made me jump when he came to life.

This is no campy zombie story but a gritty, real-to-life tale of moral fiber and character development sprinkled with a fantasy element. Where zombie movies end in two hours, we will get the chance to see what these people are really like over a period of time. When the rules no longer exist and survival is everything, what type of person is really at the core?

I’m eagerly waiting next week to get some of my questions answered. Who was the voice on the radio? Will Rick find his family? What caused the zombie outbreak? Most importantly, what are your thoughts on the show?


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I can't help but think about these "Walkers". Isn't the basis for ALL life water? Are these things dead or alive. Don't they need water? Never have seen one of them drink from anything. Also, what are they thinking about? Or, do they not have any thoughts at all. Whats scarier, these things, or the nasty creatures in " I am Legend"?


i thought it was good in parts of the story line but it was messy like leaving out specifics maybe thats for mystery but i would like to think they would get to the point eventually like what caused the zombie mutaition not to be a spoiler it never does... i'd like think it was germ war fair or nueclear attack gone wrong but thats just me. Even though this one thing the graphics were consistant and well executed not for the light hearted of people deffinately something to see


dude i am so down with this show.... nothing bad to say im alll for it .... how has it beedn doing as far as ratings. hope welll wnt to have another season for sur...


I liked the pilot, amazing directing, photography, great special effects. But what i realy hated was the protagonist Rick Grimes and the way he acted. He was not curius about how the zombie otbreak happend, is it only happening in his town/state or all of the world and smilar stuff everyone in that situation would thing to ask, especially a former sheriff's deputy. This made him a goofy for me, someone not so intelegent which let me to not liking him, and later this same person is portrait as a badass cowboy who's gonna take down all the zombies by himself, and then goofy again who hides in tank. I hope he's not going to continue being like this, because i realy like everything else in the show. :)

Saad khan

initially it started slow and I hated the Car scene with Rick and his friend it was funny for some but was really long like about 5minutes on their faces...
Fear Takes the Stairs: I was holding my breath too in the stair scenes... :o great show and I want more more and more ... searching the "The Walking Dead"comic book now to know will thr anyone like Woody Harelson in Zombie land :p after his movie gave them the courage to put a zombie show on T.V and The Crazies Average Success and Resident Evil 4 Mega Success proves ppl want More and More Zombies..
overall a good start & I've never seen AMC shows like Breaking Bad or Mad men .. so, I think its a good network like Showtime But still no one can surpass DEXTER, WEEDS and United States of TARA.


Tried out this new show on a whim and so far, so good. I'm not a huge zombie-movie fan but I really enjoyed this episode. Can't wait to see where AMC takes us.


It was worth the wait. I'll be watching this show every sunday night.


The biggest question actually was: What's up with the chopper? Will He find his family? Of course. It's a little naive to feel that is suspenseful, considering the ads have them all standing together. And any fan of the genre knows that it's a usual thing to NEVER find out how the outbreak began in this kind of story, and really, the point is moot isn't it? The radio question is important, I agree. I just know the answer.


I thought this first eppy was great. Hope to see a bit more action in the upcoming ones though. Only six eppys? I guess that is understandable. Bringing this genre to the little screen is a bit experimental. (Props to AMC for trying it.) So they are probably testing the waters to see if people are going to go for the show or not. I think that if it picks up a good fan base they will make more.


I was waiting for this show. I read the comic and know the basic framework of where things are going, and so am happy that they change things a bit from that medium. Morgan Jones' moment in the upstairs window sealed this for me. You're right. They plan to play this straight and I think it's gonna be a hell of a show. Too bad it's only six eps this year.

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Hey you. Dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank. Cozy in there?

Voice on the Radio

Shane: What's the difference between men and women.
Rick: Is this a joke?
Shane: No serious. I've never met a woman who knew how to turn off the light. Born thinking the switch only goes one way: on.