TV Fanatic Gives Thanks for Damon Salvatore, Abed's Childhood and More!

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Happy Thanksgiving, TV Fanatic readers. Our staff would like to take a few moments on this holiday to acknowledge the shows, characters and overall aspects of television that make us so grateful for our jobs.

With that in mind, we are thankful for...

... the intelligence of The Good Wife.

... Damon Salvatore's mischievous smile.

... how Two and a Half Men gives Charlie Sheen a fictional avenue to effectively play himself, making his real-life dalliances with Capri Anderson even more ridiculous.

The Romantic Side
Abed Photo
Barn Door

... Abed's parents for ignoring him, thereby allowing this Community character to develop such an unusual point of view on life.

... Damon Salvatore's bare chest.

... Barney Stinson quotes, and that we're not the Blitz. We think.

... every word out of Sue Sylvester's mouth.

... okay, just Damon Salvatore in general.

... the marriage of Tami and Eric Taylor.

... this clip from the West Wing, our favorite scene in Thanksgiving television history.

... massive amounts of Sauvignon Blanc on Brothers & Sisters.

... all the ridiculous quotes Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss write for the viewers' benefit on The Bachelor, along with the storylines they invent to mess with the stars and contestants.

... Serena van der Woodsen's outfit choices.

... Gibbs' rule book on NCIS.

... the introduction of Hannah on Bones. Just kidding. It was a joke. Seriously, don't hurt me.

... Phil Dunphy. And Manny Delgado. And Cameron and... just the entire Modern Family.

... the fact that Heroes is no longer on the air.

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Omg I'm now a guest star!!!! Yay me! Thanks TV FANATIC for bieng there!


Hello? How can u not give thanks to shonda rhimes for giving us an extremely tense and awesome season six and a great start to season seven. For not killing any of the major characters including Izzie!!! For someone creating a series like Hawthorne where the focus is on the nurses and not just the top notch surgeons!!! There is some great tv out there!


Im soo thankful for damon's eyes.....


I liked Heroes...


Happy Turkey Day to my American friends!


amen, Tv Fanatic

Anna maria

I love Barney and Sue quotes as well!

Anna maria

Damon Salvator...


i'm thankful for you guys giving me something interesting to read when bored at work and a place where we can all discuss damon!!


I loveeeeeeeee this.
I'm so thankful for tv fanatic x3
I'm thankful for Blair Waldorf, Michael Weston and the Gang , Neil Caffrey and his hats, NCIS & NCIS LA, uh oh just all my tv shows :)