Dear Psych: A Psych-O's Fond Farewell

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With the Psych series finale looming, I couldn't help but take a minute to extend a heartfelt Thank You in letter form.

Whether the intended party ever sees it or not, this essay says everything I could possibly want to say.

Dear Psych,

This open letter is to the cast, crew, producers and show creator Steve Franks. It's my last chance to truly tell you now much I've adored your show from day one. I was there when Shawn outted Lucinda Barry & Lassie's relationship, when Shawn meet Juliet for the first time, when Henry asked "How many hats?" in the very early seconds of the pilot.

I was even there the first time Shawn and Gus executed a fist-bump.

I may not have interviewed you all countless times - interviewing you all at Psych Fan Appreciation Day that one time in person was beyond my wildest dreams - but I did participate in a few conference calls over time. I also never made it to the set (for the Psych movie, perhaps?).

You may not know my face or my name, but the only reason I am able to write this letter to you right now and have it published to a website like TV Fanatic was because I took a leap of faith out of love, and had the privilege of covering this amazingly loved show for the site since Season 5 Episode 10, a.k.a., "Extradition II."

That's right; I covered the culmination of what is hands down my favorite romance of all time in my VERY FIRST REVIEW! I was never a "shipper" before, but my heart couldn't help it for "Shules." Any time our site did a Best Couple on Television poll, I was writing a defense of Shawn and Juliet.

The same went for the inconceivably awesome bromance between Shawn and Gus, the heart and soul of this show. If we did a poll about television duos, Shawn and Gus were at the top of my list. We would all be blessed to have a lifetime relationship like theirs - totally unconditional and without end - and hilarious to boot!

But what made this show so great in my eyes wasn't just the individual relationships. It was the way that Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet came to interact with each other and grow into a team; the way Chief Vick seemed to act as the bridge between them until they were strong enough and close enough to be on their own; how Henry entered the fray and constantly challenged Shawn to be better, even to the point he came out of retirement.

I've enjoyed so much watching Lassiter grow into a husband and father, Shawn grow into an investigator and a man, Gus push his limits, Juliet come into her own as a woman and a detective, Henry move from enemy to ally for Shawn and Chief Vick just be more generally awesome all the time.

Even more than that, I feel privileged that we fans were able to watch their relationships constantly evolving on screen, a reflection of the relationships you - James, Dule, Maggie, Tim, Corbin and Kirsten - were forming with each other behind the scenes.

We can only hope those are relationships you'll continue to take with you wherever you end up next, as utterly unbreakable as that of Shawn and Gus.

Kurt Fuller, you deserve a HUGE shoutout, too. You joined the crew somewhere in the middle. Your creepy coroner alter ego, Woody, became a show staple and irreplaceable addition. You stay creepy.

So, James, Dule, Maggie, Tim, Corbin, Kirsten and Kurt, thank you all for sharing your immense talents with us for eight amazing years and eight entertaining seasons. You can sing, dance, and act. You've done every kind of episode there is to do and excelled at it.

I still marvel at your vocal talents every time I listen to the Psych: the Musical soundtrack, which is often!

Besides the regulars, if you ever need proof about just how special this show is, look no further than the countless guest stars over the years. From William Shatner to Curt Smith, it really says something wonderful and amazing.

As far as the content of Psych goes, I didn't grow up in the '80' - I'm a '90's chick - but I now have the greatest appreciation for that decade. In fact, I feel more complete for having been exposed to the '80's on a weekly basis.

The same goes for some of the episodes; I watched the entire Twin Peaks series just to prep for "Dual Spires." I grew as a person watching this show!

I am, however, thoroughly entertained and amazed by the range the pop culture references spanned. There was always something for everyone. From the pop culture junkie, to the geeks in a basement in Wisconsin. If you made yourselves laugh, it made it into the episode. Plain and simple. I cannot thank you enough for that level of genuineness.

This is as much a credit to the writers on the show as it is to the actors, who sometimes assumed both roles!

We cannot thank you writers enough for all the love and pieces of yourselves you put into your episodes. You gave us the chance to get to know you, too. I feel like I know as much about your hearts as your humor. Each of you had a signature style that you could point to and say, "This has got to be a [insert name here] episode" and were typically right.

You are talented beyond what some people dream of achieving in a career, and you always made it work. And when it didn't, you went and did a "Remake." Many thanks.

To Steve Franks, the freakishly tall and abundantly loved genius behind this entire operation... stay awesome. Whatever you do next, I'll be there to support it. The same goes for Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze, who I am sure on more than on occasion had to convince the network that they really were doing work up there in Vancouver, as you are appreciated beyond what you could possibly fathom.

To the crew, from the coffee-runners to the boom and C-camera operators, none of the actual work of Psych would be possible without you. If we fans never stopped to say "Thank you," this my deepest appreciation on behalf of Psych-O's everywhere.

For all the nights you drank one more cup of coffee, jogged one more lap around the set to keep awake and energized, we know what you do isn't always easy.

None of you ever forgot about us, either. From appearing at Comic Con to joining twitter and interacting with us, you always made an effort above and beyond what any other show I've seen has. You are Psych, Psych is you.

At the same time, you always made sure we as fans felt like Psych, too. We feel part of something and still do - and we fans love you for it.

In Psych's honor, and in remembrance of all of you, I will continue to tell those who disagree with me to "suck it," agree with those around me with a "you know that's right," sing loudly any time I hear Tears for Fears on the radio, re-watch episodes that make me smile (every one) until I wear the DVD down and I have to buy a digital copy, and proudly continue to wear my stock pile of limited-edition Psych t-shirts.

It's been an absolute joy, and an absolute honor. Thank you.

C. Charles is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


I remember seeing some of the first commercials. My first reaction was: "There is no way this could be anything other than fun." Other people took convincing. ("I know you'll be watching Monk. All you have to do is not change the channel or turn the TV off. It's actually easier than not watching it!") I've enjoyed it for the full run. Sad to see it go, but the finale had everything needed for closure. You even managed to have the confession set up in the pilot without actually having the words said onscreen. The show really captured me because I could feel the fun you guys were having through the show. You kept changing it up just as much as was needed. Definitely one of my favorites. When I got a binder for my DVDs 6 years ago, I set aside enough room for 8 seasons of Psych. Thanks for the entertainment!


Best series finale ever for the best comedy ever on basic cable.
Steve Franks did a masterful job! He ended a great show the way he began it -- with wit, charm, silliness, irony, Jules (beautiful maggz) culminating in a curtain call that did what this show always did best – make us laugh!
I will miss this show—the characters and writing that made it work…these strangers, who after eight seasons, have come to seem like much more. Besides putting on a wonderfully silly show, these folks seem like they all had the best jobs ever.
Though there are so many great bits and lines, here are the two exchanges that just about sums it up… GUS [to Shawn] “I don’t blame you, Shawn. I want you to know that if I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. You’re my best friend, and we got a chance to live out our childhood dreams. I DON’T BLAME YOU. Okay? And I’m sorry if I couldn’t always cut loose the way you wanted me too.” Shawn to Jules: “That’s significant. That’s a real amount of vacation time. Have an amazing trip. Okay? Promise me. Because you know, they say, that these kind of trips are once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that they’re even better when you have someone you care about to share them with, and you do. Take lots of pictures. Not of sights. Don’t take pictures of buildings. Take pictures of moments. That’s what matters. Capture them here. [Shawn points to his head] And hold on to them here [shawn points to his heart]. For eight season, Pysch took pictures of moments that I’ll hold on to…thanks!


To the author of this fantastic letter - Thank you for writing what I've been feeling! This show came to be at a HUGE turning point in my life. Horrible things had just happened, a wonderful future was becoming apparent in spite of this, and this show started up. It's one of the few shows my husband and I always agreed was amazing. It began the year we became a couple and will continue to be a part of our lives. Our daughter was just born and we will share this amazing show with her as soon as she is ready. Shout out to all the amazing Psych-O fans out there!

@ SadPsych-O

Thanks so much! It means a lot! The show was a big part of my life and some transitions I have been through as well. Glad that it happened, sad to see it go, but I have confidence they will be back with a movie in the future!

@ Chandel Charles

Oh I'm sure they will do everything possible to make that happen at some point. They had too much fun doing the show to not come back for some more laughs... And I will be there!!! I just wish I'd gotten to attend some kind of fan function. I live in Florida and most of the fan stuff that I heard about was in LA or NY. Just not doable for me. I'm REALLY hoping some of the cast will attend a convention in FL in the future. I'd go just for a photo op with them!!! I've seriously seen half the episodes at least 50 times each. I can quote SO many of them too. My hub and I love to quote to each other when we're out with people. Its a fantastic way to have a couple moment surrounded by people. Lol now I'll stop babbling and sign off.


I'm not ready for it to end so much so that I only watched a few episodes this season and I'm holding off to catch up! I can't see it end :'(

@ JCman7

I missed most of the season too but watched the finale anyway because I needed to be part of the party. It will be worth your wait! And now I'm off to catch up...


I too saw the very first episode of Psych. I appreciate the relationships and the bromance between Shawn and Gus was awesome to watch. Was there a lot of silliness on the show? - yes, there was. The show was the vehicle that allowed the perfect escape from the difficult realities of life that surround us every day in real life. Good, ridiculous fun and I will miss Psych.




Good riddance to bad TV! The ads for this dog of a show were more than enuff to convince me that it wasn't worth watching. The ads kept coming non stop, each more ridiculous than the last. Thank god there will be no more ads and no more stupid Psych! Now,let's get to the GOOD stuff and consign all thoughts of Psych to the trash where that show belonged in the 1st place!

@ diamonddiva1954

Hah!! You clearly know nothing of the genius behind this show. That's fine, like a fine wine or a limited edition print, Psych isn't for everyone sadly. So take your trash parade and move on please. This space here is for all the Psych-O's to celebrate the awesomeness. And one more thing, because I just have to..... SUCK IT! :D

@ diamonddiva1954

nice beyond clueless, nonsense post you complete dumbass troll XD pathetic

@ diamonddiva1954

So you haven't seen the show but somehow you know it's stupid? Are you sure you don't feel some kind of... Psych-ic connection? ;) Anyway, I can't tell if you're being facetious or not but regardless there's probably a better time and place to celebrate your future of Psych-free commercial breaks than in response to this heartfelt goodbye on the night of the series finale.

@ Pluto

I so agree with this! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!
Ok, back to celebrating Psych Series Finale in peace and happiness!

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