90210 Christmas Episode to Feature Kissing, Controversy, Elves

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Over more than two seasons on 90210, Adrianna and Navid have survived a drug problem, a pregnancy, a cheating scandal... and another drug problem.

But the former's breakout career, combined with her diva-like attitude of late, appears to be too much for this couple. Last week, Navid admitted he his feelings for Silver - and, this week, a self-centered holiday party thrown by Adrianna may finally drive her man into the arms of her friend.

"Silver's there for me when Adrianna should be," Michael Steger told TV Guide. "Ade's turned into someone else. It's just too much for Navid to handle, so he's totally disconnecting from the relationship."

Preparing to Kiss
Growing Tighter

Jessica Stroup wouldn't divulge much about her character's future with Navid, but said there's "lots of kissing" this week and some "good stuff" ahead in 2011, including "a little bit of the physical."

On tonight's episode (the final one of 2010, previewed HERE), Adrianna will host a shindig that includes an ice-skating rink and elves. But it won't end well for this singer, as Victor exposes her song-stealing secret.

"Just when she thinks everything's going amazing, she realizes that Victor has now turned on her and she's devastated," Jessica Lowndes says.

But let's get back to the personal for a moment. Sound off now, 90210 fans: With whom do you wanna see Navid?

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The Silver/Navid story is absolutely rediculous! I love this show, but if I have to watch Navid and Silver make out, I will definitely be turning the channel. Yes, Ade has become annoying with her fame and she really hasn't been a good girl friend. Have Navid break up with her then! It's not a crime for characters to be single every now and again! And I definitely miss Dixon and Silver...they were good together and I actually believed there were feelings there. Navid/Silver is disgusting.


ohw come on! was it just a couple of month when all u guys have to say that theres no villain in the show and how much you miss season 1 ade!!!! well shes here now! you people cant just be content huh?! and really silver over ade?! thats a sick joke!
no matter how bitch ade is becoming cheating on your girl friend with your best friend was a major crime to do! so am with ade side here!


Ive always loved Adrianna and Navid together because I thought their relationship had so much depth. But with who Adrianna has come to be recently, she doesn't deserve him anymore.


LOVE Silver and Navid, they deserve each other. chemistry is there.


Nilver! I love navid and silver together, Stroup and Steger have amazing chemistry. They are just perfect for each other.


Definitely Silver! I cannot wait for them to hit things off. I'm sooo excited. Navid is a nice guy and he doesn't deserve some self-absorbed bitch. Silver is more suited for him. Team Nilver Yeeaaah!


agreeing with @littleangel 11000039585624895%


Silver doesn't deserve Dixon. Hey maybe Dixon and Adrianna? I'd go for that.


Totally Agree with Nikki. I miss Sixon too :'(


Adrianna! They're ruining her for the sake of Nilver! Must end. She was better with Dixon anyway.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.