90210 in 2011: More Nilver Action Ahead!

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As detailed in our 90210 review, this CW drama made the decision to turn two of its main characters into cheaters on "Holiday Madness."

Will that remain the case when the series returns with new episodes on January 24? Based on the following preview, the answer is obvious.

While no major storylines or spoilers are revealed in the clips below, it's clear that Navid and Silver enjoyed this week's make-out session. A lot. Enough to do it again and again, behind Adrianna's back. For shame, you two...

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even if that ilive in morocco but iam a huge fun my name is ilham el maachi catch me on facebook


I do not support Nilver or liam/annie they are two of the worst potential couples


I'm disappointed that we see Naomi in that scene for this promo cause I really expected something more eerie to go down between Mr Cannon and her. Although, I guess it's possible that he raped her again but then that still wouldn't be a very good storyline with regards to rape. And I agree, I'm all for Nilver but I'd rather they come clean about their relationship rather than deceive Adrianna.


looks like silver takes after her sister and goes after her close friends boyfriends but i def love nilver


I love Annie and Liam! Please keep them together.


the only thing i love this promo is that little scene between laim and ivy!!! good they are friends again!


Either Naomi was raped again or Mr. Cannon was caught, because no one can explain why she spoke to such ugly loser like people.


If Navid and Silver are gonna continue their relationship, Navid at least has to end it with Adrianna. They have to do the right thing.


Burn. Silver = TRASH. Navid = CHUMP.


Can i just say that Silver is 1 hot chick! Love her whole look, shes gorgeous!
How can you not be a fan on Team Nilver. They rock! As for Annie and Liam, they bore me. I liked her better with Charlie. His a nice guy.
I cannot wait for next year im sooo excited to see whats going to happen between Silver and Navid. Jan 24th GET HERE ALREADY!!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.