Blake Lively Named the New Face of Chanel

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While it's unclear if Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling are an item, the actress is definitely the new face of Chanel handbags! A source tells E! Online and Glamour the following:

"The Gossip Girl beauty will star in a new campaign for Chanel. She was just in Paris shooting the fashion house's handbag collection. The ads should launch next year."

GG Goddess

It's hard to think of a better face for Chanel ... or anything!

Blake's been close to Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld for some time, so this isn't really a surprise. She's also young, stunning, and as fashion-forward as it gets.

In addition to our beloved Gossip Girl, she will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern, so she's got a lot of exposure going for her. Chanel picked a winner!

We're happy that Lively landed her first major fashion campaign - somehow we doubt it will be her last - and a big one at that. We can't wait to see the ads ourselves.

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wow am really happy for blake.she has always been my favourite. u go girl.


Congrats to Blake, but I agree with @efron, ralph lauren or tommy hilfiger would have suited her best. Blake is so beautiful though; she can pull off chanel.


OMG this girl is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some of the people who comment on here are idiots. "Blake Lively doesn't have much depth" - Oh sorry, I didn't realise you personally know Blake Lively and can make a call like that... "Leighton has the more sweet and carefree personality as well as the face"- ??? Um..... from all the interviews I've read Blake comes off as very sweet and carefree too. "Leighton has the classic more memorable beauty"- each to their own but I personally don't find Leighton all that memorable. There are millions of girls with typical beauty- Blake has unique beauty. "Leighton should have got this campaign"- Obsessive jealous Leightoners are the worst. Leighton doesn't deserve everything. And maybe, just maybe the designer should be able to choose the actress and face they want. Do you people really think the people at Chanel don't know what they are doing and would settle? No. You fail. BTW this isn't a Leighton hate post. I'm just stating the obvious about how ridiculou some of her fans are. Congrats to both girls on their campaigns!


Thank you @abby!! I'm so sick of ppl always making it seem like Blake and Leighton are competing! Just congratulate them both and move on! Stop trying to prove one's better than the other.


She's perfect for Chanel!I think she is the most beautiful girl alive


Stop saying you don't like her(Blake) as the new model of Chanel because NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, she will be the new model. Not leighton. Stop bringing leighton up in this article because she isn't the topic here. Just be happy for blake. That's it. Nuff said


I love her looks, but she's not a Chanel girl, she's more Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger.


@bex: you're funny, i really had to laugh about your comment! well, to be honest i don't mind if blake gets the job or not. her face isn't amazingly beautiful though her body is truly great, very very sexy and perfect legs.
leighton is the more classical beauty i d'say, if you look at her face.
well, as i said, i don't mind blake for chanel, her face isn't the most classiest, but if you compare her to taylor momsen or jessica szohr she's a real lady!


@Hn - With all due respect, but why are you saying that "Blake is not all that." Do you mean beautiful? Because I'm sorry, but she is.
And most of all, please do not say that she has no class or grace... I think everyone keeps confusing Blake with Serena... they are NOT the same!
I am simply asking you to show some respect.
Personally, I think she is beautiful and great for Chanel, and I congratulate Leighton as well for Missoni. I find it great that they are both in major fashion labels :))

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