Blake Lively Named the New Face of Chanel

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While it's unclear if Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling are an item, the actress is definitely the new face of Chanel handbags! A source tells E! Online and Glamour the following:

"The Gossip Girl beauty will star in a new campaign for Chanel. She was just in Paris shooting the fashion house's handbag collection. The ads should launch next year."

GG Goddess

It's hard to think of a better face for Chanel ... or anything!

Blake's been close to Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld for some time, so this isn't really a surprise. She's also young, stunning, and as fashion-forward as it gets.

In addition to our beloved Gossip Girl, she will appear alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern, so she's got a lot of exposure going for her. Chanel picked a winner!

We're happy that Lively landed her first major fashion campaign - somehow we doubt it will be her last - and a big one at that. We can't wait to see the ads ourselves.

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congrats blake


I'm so happy for the girls :)
Blake with Chanel, Leighton with Missoni. So proud!


obviously meester is my favorite (but with good reason). :)


also, i have a problem with photoshop. real beauty. i think leighton is real beauty. i mean we've all seen her down & grimy. i just feel that blake has been getting really great attention & if anyone should get it... then it should be leighton. that's just my opinion. i don't think it's fear. blake is the leggy blonde... but that should not be enough to grant her success. well such high levels of it... while leighton is overshadowed.


i love blake. she's gorgeous. she's a good actress. however as far as gossip girl exposure gets them... i think that leighton meester is the better actress. leighton is a classic beauty (much more rare & memorable than blake) also, her carefree, good girl, sweetheart attitude makes her more of my favorite. also, leighton can do the whole sex appeal thing if she wants, but with blake, she sorta oozes sex appeal. that's not necessarily a bad thing. i just thing that for a MAJOR thing like CHANEL leigthon would have been the better choice... from the gossip girl cast. blake has the face... but leigthon has the face & personality. there's not much dept to blake, in my opinion.


Why is Hollywood trying to shove Blake Lively down our throats. She is not all that. And she does not fit the profile for Chanel at all. There's no grace or class in her!


She definitely seems fitting for Chanel!


congrats!blake..she is beautiful but i think she's not represent couture old channel..i think meester better for it.cause she have classy beautiful face..but congrats for blake..


leighton meester is the new face of missoni :)


personally, i think leighton would of been better at the chanel position. :)

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