Burn Notice Season Finale Spoilers: A Battle for Michael's Soul

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Burn Notice creator Matt Nix doesn't wanna hype the December 16 season four finale too much, but... it will be a "battle for Michael's soul," Nix told TV Guide this week.

"The finale, I think, is our most action packed and romantic episode yet," Nix added, referring mostly to the second part of the two-hour installment, previewed here:

"It focuses both on resolving all of the major conflicts through the season in a very climactic and big way, but also really getting into Michael and Fiona's relationship in a very serious way," says Nix. "Hopefully America likes it as much as I do, I get chills every time I watch it."

Relive last night's episode via this TV Fanatic review and get psyched for what sounds like a memorable two hours to come.

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Nice animation. Cracked me the hell up. Even if I'm not a fan of show, due to the fact that I'm a fan of the book. Oh HBO. You have to make EVERYTHING more drmaitac. They should do the later Anita Blake books. I'm pretty sure there's enough drama and sex in them for our dear HBO viewers.


Come on what's up with the ending soo soon!! When will it be back on again???!!! Luv this show!!!


Three episodes then what? Does this spell the end of a great show or can we expect a return under new circumstances?


Nooooooo!!! It just came back !
Two hour finale though? Yay :)

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Michael: Thanks Sam
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Fiona, there are very few things I do better than Michael, but hotwiring a car is one of them.


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