Cast of The Amazing Race All-Stars: Revealed!

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In February, CBS won't just air its 18th edition of The Amazing Race. It will air an All-Star season of this beloved, Emmy-winning reality show.

Which pairings will be involved? Find out now...

Flight Time and Big Easy
  • Kynt and Vyxsin (Season 12)
  • Ron and Christina (Season 12)
  • Amanda and Kris (Season 14)
  • Mel and Mike (Season 14)
  • Jaime and Cara (Season 14)
  • Margie and Luke (Season 14)
  • Kisha and Jen (Season 14)
  • Flight Time and Big Easy (pictured, Season 15)
  • Zev and Justin (Season 15)
  • Jet and Cord (Season 16)
  • Gary and Mallory (Season 17)

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Zev and Justin? WOOO! That's great, because they got unlucky in Season 15. I believe they could have gone onto win it then, but now they've got another chance!


Jet and Cord for the win I was rooting for them to win the first time.


I know none if these contestants! South Africa doesn't have all these seasons yet...
They need to have a family one again. But outside America... Maybe south America now...

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