Glee Christmas Songs: Listen Now!

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It's beginning to feel a lot like a Glee Christmas...

Earlier this week, we posted photos from the upcoming holiday episode of everyone's favorite musical comedy. These are certainly worth a look, but we know the number-one, two and three reasons why most viewers adore this show so much.

Music, music and music!

With that in mind, sit back and watch a couple of the performances set to come out way on Tuesday night: Kurt and Blaine teaming up for "Baby It’s Cold Outside” and Rachel singing "Merry Christmas, Darling."

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Blaine adorable but have to agree with Sez about the whole 1 person/group thing...he does seem like a golden boy and Glee is about being different....being your own person...right now he is just a gay dude that can sing (no offense to anyone that would take that offensively i seriously mean it respectively)....honestly right now he isn't Glee worthy...he isn't an awesome loser he is a pretty, preppy, popular guy; if you remember back to season 1 like the 7th episode when Sue split up the group in minorities yes Quinn and some of the other Gleesters were popular but someone each had their own little difference that made them special...Blaine right now is seriously the writers saying hey...everyone else has/had someone...kurt hasn't lets write him in someone...he isn't special yet so he isn't Glee worthy till we find out if he is staying on Glee or jumping ship because lets face it why find out anything about him back story-wise unless he was him for now...just hope he can be elaborated on


@vampirelover08: have you even seen a very potter musical? If you haven't, go watch it now and you'll realize the obsession with darren.
Btw, I'm both an original glee fan and AVPM fan and I agree that Blaine isn't the only thing good about glee, but you have to admit he's a good singer. but i love the others too, like santana and rachel and quinn :)


Lea killed the song! in a good way... I wonder whats going to happen in tonight's episode


Very cute! They did a really good job with this. Also, Finn is being a jerkface. Didn't he make out with Rachel more than once while still with Quinn last season? What a hypocrite. And hanging out with Santana after all that's gone on? Not impressed with him right now.


ooooh Blaine.


Really starting to dislike Finn. After what happened he's now hanging around with Santana?! She hurt Rachel really badly, and humilated her. I don't agree with Rachel snogging Puck but Finn cheated on Quinn when they were dating so he's hardly pure as the driven snow himself. A total hypocrite and has made me a Puckleberry supporter (at least for now). Santana seriously needs bringing down a peg or two, and now so does Finn.
Lovin' seeing 'Blurt' though, wasn't keen on him last week (bugged me that the Warblers kept going on about it not being all about 1 person and more about being a team when clearly they all idolise Blaine and he ALWAYS gets the solos), but he's won me over again with this new song. They are so sweet together.
I hope Kurt continues his new mature friendship with Rachel (they should have been friends ages ago), so needs a friend and some support (the NDs have treated her appallingly, and don't seem to either have realised or care that they have).


I love Darren Criss he is brining such a fresh energy to the show and his solos are AMAZING including this one


Blaine is way too perfect for the rest of the Gleeks! They are cute and hot right now but Kurt will have his heart broken by this guy before it is all over. Why can't Kurt's boyfriend be just as real as the rest of the glee cast members, instead of some sort of dream guy caricature


I'm getting tired of all the Blaine/Darren love. There is more to glee then him. Stupid Harry Potter Musical Fans!!!


Absolutely LOVE blaine!!

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.