Gossip Girl Fashion Stars Pile Up Endorsements

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Gossip Girl stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are both gaining major traction in the acting community, but their appeal to fashion houses is growing just as rapidly.

As we reported recently, Blake will star in a new ad campaign for Chanel come next year. Now it's Leighton's turn - she signed a deal to be the face of Missoni.

"She wants to be high-end like Blake," says one E! source.

Blake and Leighton on Set in NYC

Who do you think is more fashionable?

Meester's Missoni campaign will launch early next year. The 24-year-old also signed a deal to be the (gorgeous) celebrity face of Vera Wang's new fragrance.

The tremendous twosome is also leaving its mark on film.

With Leighton's new flick Country Strong getting major buzz, and Blake adding The Town and Green Lantern to her credits, these stars are clearly on the rise.

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I love both of their styles...I love the dress Blake has on in this shot..Because its more me.


I like Leighton better. She takes more risk's with her clothing and style. But ofcourse i like Blake too! She has her own beautiful style. I think they both should be working in fashion some way, i don't really see competition between them, cause they're so different in so many ways, and they both have their own styles.


they both fashionable..no doubt about it! its just that leighton is more risky when it comes to fashion. and about the deal that they have, well we all know that leighton is already a face of different brands even before blake became the face of chanel. acting wise, leighton give justice to all her roles and she always win the best actress awards.


i like both of them, however i am like a die-hard leighton fan. I mean she grew up with so little and look at her now! Its so exciting to see her rise to the top. I mean Country Strong is going to be really famous as well as Monte Carlo! I still like Blake, but her parents were actors, not drug dealers. So sorry Blake, I'm siding with Leigh.


Its superb show. I like this show very much. Both are good. I like both in this show... http://gossipgirl.otavo.tv/


@ Jessica
I totally agree with you.
And Leighton has filmed a film called Orange as well!


congratz to both! however, i really hate the mass media that put blake on the pedestal, and ignore leighton! anyway, these two are good actress(espcielly leighton) and i wish them all the best. (if there is something wrong wif my english, sorry! )


I hate Blake. She only got it because she is Anna Wintour´s slave.


Congrats to Blake & Leighton (& Taylor M) – good to see they are achieving things outside of GG cos that show will inevitably end soon. However I hope this is the last endorsement Leighton accepts cos shes potentially spreading herself to thin. She needs to be a bit smarter & more media savvy like Blake cos although Blake only has one – its a BIG one (not belittling Vera wang & Missoni etc). Like her misjudged music career Leighton chooses too many small random forgettable roles in movies (prior to Country Song etc.) e.g. Date Movie, Going The Distance etc. Say what you want about Blake but the girl is smart & savvy (or atleast her PR)Although Blake only had 15mins on The Town (and in Pippa Lee) – she got her name and picture on the poster, was in the important promo interviews – sheesh people even forgot that Rebecca Hall was the female lead. She used the movie execs as much as they used her to promote the movie. I wish the best to the both of them cos they seem like nice girls.


Leighton is my definite favorite, but I like Blake too. I think it is great they are both having success. Hopefully it will translate into higher ratings for GG, and thus, more seasons for us to enjoy. :-)

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