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i love leighton more! she's a way better actress than blake lol


Well, I wouldn't expect much from Chanel after Lily Allen to be honest.

Just want to get the record straight that Leighton has been scoring major campaign way before Blake start getting one.


Despite how amazing Chanel is, Blake is no where near as talented as Leighton. Leighton is by far the best actress on Gossip Girl, and it is no doubt that she will bring her skills to the brig screen. With Blake there's no much to work with. And besides, Vera Wang is household name, so Leighton definitely scored with that one. When it comes to style Leighton is more risky and the people I think react to that more because she keeps them guessing, sometimes it a miss but sometimes there are hits and those hits are way better than the predictable dresses Blake has been wearing. Its obvious between the two, Leighton works harder and care more about what she is doing.


chanel is way bigger and i think Blake had waaaaaay better style because leighton dresses really wierd sometimes, plus blake doesnt have a stylest and she dresses great.


Chanel ad campaign is a win!


I may point out a superhero movie fan that Blake being in green latern won't help her movie career as that type of movie only benefits male stars. Also the trailer for the film was bad but I will give it a try despite the fact Ryan said the oath wrong.
I liked her in The Town despite the fact I thought her Boston accent was exaggerated.
I have high hopes for Leighton in Country Strong and when The Roommate is finally released I hope that does well.


@ Rica taps that bass
She does actually, however we know this site don't give a shit no way or the other which is why no one is aware Jess has been on a few magazine covers and in fashion magazines these past few months. She still had the OP campaign for the past year. But again only select fans actually care.


Guys...why doesn't Jessica Szohr have a deal?



I am glad that both Leighton and Blake get these huge campaign deals... because 1st of all the are both sooo gorgeous! Leighton has Classical Old Hollywood Glamour Style...she is like the new Vivien Leigh! and Blake is this adorable southern belle! Both of them have class! So the fact that such fashion megapowers as Chanel, Vera Wang and Missoni are signing them on is great!


Then, about who is more fashionable, I would say both because looks great on them.

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