Gossip Girl to End After Season Six?

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Get ready to say goodbye to Gossip Girl. Well, in a few years.

Leighton Meester tells E! News she knows when she's leaving.

"Two more years," she said at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, while promoting her new movie, Country Strong. "Because we're under contract until then."

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Meester said she "obviously enjoys working on the show and living in New York," and she also explained that producers and the CW have all been rather amazing at accommodating her schedule and enabling her to pursue other projects, particularly movies.

"It allows you to be ready for when the show's over," she said.

So will Gossip Girl cease to exist after its sixth season? "I don't know," Meester said, "but I think there's that old saying about wanting to go out on top."

In Country Strong, Meester costars as Chiles Stanton, a singing beauty queen seen as a threat by Kelly Tanner (Gwyneth Paltrow), a rehabbing alcoholic country singer trying to make a comeback under the watchful eye of her manager husband (Tim McGraw).

"You know, it's good to look in the mirror and not totally recognize yourself," Meester said of playing the country cutie. "You know ... she's got big hair, big eyelashes, nails, lip liner, blue leather dresses. It was a lot of fun. It was like playing dress up Country Barbie."

Meester will also be seen in upcoming flicks like Monte Carlo opposite Selena Gomez and Glee star Cory Monteith, Oranges with Hugh Laurie and The Roommate, a thriller with Burlesque / Twilight hottie Cam Gigandet and Minka Kelly.

Will Gossip Girl mean the end to TV for Meester? "Um, I never say never," she said. "It'd have to be the right show, just like it would have the right movie."

What do you think? Should Gossip Girl "go out on top" after six seasons? We're currently in the middle of the fourth. Leave your comments!

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I just finished!!!! AND IT DID END. i litterally sobbed once i finished. i cant believe that the best show to ever exist could end. this show has the perfect combo of scandals, drama, romance, sexiness, lust, and AMAZING, complex, rich characters. the plot is amazing, and i think that this show could ahve gone on way longer. the ending left me with a way to find closure, but not with closure. Nate and serena would have been so much better. i miss it so much, and i finished the show YESTERDAY! im heartbroken. this show has gotten me through long summer days, cold lonely winter nights and through drama ad always given me something to do. the summer of 2013 would be so different without gossip girl. all i did was sit in front of the tv watching it for hours on end. im devastated. i miss al the characters. i miss it so much. i would give so much for there to be more seasons. heartbroken. xoxo,
Gossip Girl


I simply love gossip girl!!! I just wait for the show each week !! N also watch the repeats!! I think u guys should go for a season 7 n many more .. It's the best!! I love Chuck!! Ed n leighton should hook upon reality!!


I simply love gossip girl!!! I just wait for the show each week !! N also watch the repeats!! I think u guys should go for a season 7 n many m


Josh stephaine gossip girls must be renewed for for a seson 7 don't let the cw network cancel your production unil gossip girls season 10


Good news. I love GG, but Gossip Girl is starting to get too weird now. End it while it's still a good show! And give us a good ending!


Gossip Girl is fantastic, I love the show and please DON,T STOP!!! I like all the characters!!! I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL AND I,M FROM SPAIN


There goes my life...I know. Sad. But this? This is even sadder:(


Gossip girl can't end Its my faverite show. It needs to go on forever. If it ends idk what I'm going to do. And chuck definitely can't die if so there isn't really a show he's the BEST character


It's way better to leave when there is an actual storyline. face it, the show will be boring after chuck and blair end up together. honestly, love the show but there have been some ridiculous storylines and the characters are more developed now so i would hate to see them become charicatures of themselves. let go guys.


I love love love gossip girl!! Currently on season 5 I don't think a season and a half will be enough. I agree at least 10 seasons!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO ADDICTED! -Chuck lover

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