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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 238

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Welcome back to the 238th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest at TVF!

This week's Caption Contest winner is ... siridavidsen. Well done!

Honorable mentions go out to adewitt, amelia and cory. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck in the next Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest!

Fishin' Buddies

Christina: *singing* If I were a fish, even just for a day...
Derek: Surviving the gun shot was so not worth this.

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Christina: Why are the fishh not biting? -- me soo sad :(
(she catches a fish and starts crying)
Derek: quick take a pic!


Cristina: I miss the sparkle so sad...


Cristina: "Is this what wilderness smells like?"
Derek: "No sorry, that was me."


Derek: I gotta get that conditioner she uses...


Derek: Damn it Cristina snap out of it, I'm sick of hearing my wife talking about you.


Cristina: I wonder if Jimmy John's would deliver out here...


Cristina: Dammit Mer was right. No bathrooms. I could always pee over the side of the boat.
Derek: The hardcore Cristina Yang I know would have just worn depends.


Derek: Is it wrong to be turned on by that puffy jacket?
Crisitina: No its yours.


Cristina: My stepfather own a bigger boat than your have. Derek: Did you say that my boat is small?!


Cristina (thinking): Darn, Mer was right! There are no bathrooms!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Vulnerability isn't the opposite of strength. It's a necessary part. You have to force yourselves to open up, to expose ourselves, to offer everything we have and just pray that it's good enough. Otherwise, we'll never succeed.


Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes.

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