Hawaii Five-O: Casting for a New Series Regular

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A coveted spot is opening up on television.

Hawaii Five-O, the highest-rated new show of 2010, is planning to add a series regular. This man or woman that will likely debut on the 17th episode of the season.

Helping Chin

CBS casting notices describe the character in detail.

He/she will be in his/her late 20s-early 30s, often crack wise and also work as a multilingual Asia expert recruited to the CIA out of Harvard.

Moreover, the new addition will have a major connection to Steve McGarrett: look for the character to have taken a bullet - which is still lodged inside his/her body! - for him years ago. Any suggestions for who you would like to see in this role?

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Sounds like a role tailor made for Jason Dohring, dontcha think? And casting him *might* dampen just a bit of the enmity some of us Moonlight-ers have for anything CBS...


I really wish they'd leave it alone too...we already don't see enough of Chin or Kono, why add another?


Totally agree - the cast is perfect as it is... unless by regular they mean someone like Masi Oka, who hasn't really been a regular. Someone else on the actual team could upset the balance.


I honestly don't think that messing with the cast is a good idea. Adding someone that popps up once in a while, sure. But a series regular? Hell no! Why mess with something that works?


First says is number one show the way it is and then wants to mess with cast and story line. What is wrong with this picture? Leave it alone. It does NOT need an added regular member.


Lauren Holly


Oup! sorry (keyboard $#?$#) ! «Write in english if you can. Sophia Myles is nice, but way too young for the casting.»


Too bad Kelly Hu was already on the show, she would have been the perfect cast...
Bye the way, Michlela (nice name), je ne pense pas que les prroducteurs de CBS parle français!. White in english if you can. Sphisa myles is nice, but too young tof the casting. Salut


s'il vous plait cbs!!!il faut absolument que ce soit sophia myles
pour moi et beaucoup de personnes il n'y a pas de meilleur couple sur une serie tv avec une telle alchimie ensemble!!!
il faut que la magie revienne!!!