Is Blake Lively Dating Ryan Gosling?

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Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling were linked together earlier this fall, right after she broke up with Penn Badgley. Now it looks like they might be a real couple.

At the NY. premiere party for Gosling's new film Blue Valentine, Lively practically attached herself to him in the VIP section at the Top of the Standard club.

The Gossip Girl star's appearance at the Blue Valentine premiere was surprising, given that she was in Paris the day before, shooting a Chanel ad campaign.

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She almost didn't make it in as a bodyguard didn't recognize her. That's hard to believe, but we suppose not everyone watches the greatest show of our time.

After she got a handler to reeducate the security guy, the ropes parted and she made a beeline for Gosling, and the sparks began flying soon afterward.

What do you think of these two as a couple? Tell us below. Follow the link for our celebrity gossip site's full report on Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling ...

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For God´ sake!!! we all know you are sooooo dating! stop hidding it!!!!!!!!!!!


Blake and Penn there are nice couple ever


Theyre dating. They just go out together when everyone least expects it(saw them with my own two eyes) which is why I thought it was suprising when they were together at the after-party. They prob want to finally go public. Anyways cute couple, wish them the best.


i root for penn-blake, anytime. it's sad to know they broke up, seriously.


n'aww i'm a big lover of blake and penn, kind of a shame they broke up but at least theres hope in the show for them. ryan and blake would be hot!


Blake never dumped Penn if he had a fame like, say Pattinson. She's super ambitious and that makes me horny. She's so greedy and I always love greedy blond who does anything for upgrades.


***sigh*** Blake & Penn. Ryan and Rachel. Ryan and Rachel need to get back together -____-


Somehow, the happening just reminded me of her experience in GG4.09? She was also denied entry because the bouncer did not recognise her and just went by the name of the guest...


thank good im not penn... and blake as home style she is, ryan is just the wrong dude but maybe right now is just a PR move for both.


Eh.. Doesn't seem like it will Last. Blake and Penn were so cute... *sigh*


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