Is Callie Pregnant on Grey's Anatomy?!

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The Grey's Anatomy rumor mill is buzzing today with a simple, but potentially huge bombshell that could have lasting, dramatic implications: Callie is pregnant.

But is this fact or pure speculation?

The rumor likely stemmed from the release of the synopsis for "Start Me Up," the January 13 episode (Grey's Anatomy returns one week earlier, on January 6).

Grey's Girl on Girl Action!

Will Arizona and Callie reconcile ... or is a MAJOR obstacle in the way?

"Arizona tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news to share; Teddy faces an important decision; the residents receive new interns; the Chief makes an announcement."

That could mean anything, yes ... but what else could it mean? And let's face it, Callie getting pregnant by Mark is the kind of plot Grey's Anatomy would throw at us.

Think about it ... she's been longing to have kids. To have that dream realized, only with the wrong person? How could she and Arizona ever survive THAT twist?

Again, this is all speculation, but you have to admit, given that episode teaser, it's not the most far-fetched idea we've ever had. Share your predictions with us!

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no freaking way! I will never watch again. But doubt that shonda would do that whilst mer der are trying. CALZONA MFEO!


Shonda Rhimes said that there is hope for MerDer baby which means if there is, Callie can't be pregnant because 2 people are never pregnant at the same time in one show so maybe it could be a work thing like she gets promoted to Head of Orthopedic Surgery.
I so hope that's what it is!


i'd love it if turned true.
ilove callie and arizona, imean who doesn't!
but a baby for callie and mark sounds awesome, idont thnk ths will happen though, coz thngs dont go the way i want usually.


I would rather read that MerDer are pregnant. But if this happens poor Lexie, she couldn't cope with a teenage daughter who thankfully disappeared. But to see a potential mother of Mark's baby everyday and then have Mark involved with his child, poor Lex. I know Callie wants a child, and at least the father would be involved. I do like Callie, but not sure a baby will be a storyline for her


oh yes...this could be the best christmas' present ever for me...
I completely in love with Callie and Mark as friends as lovers as everything...
And i think that a Mark and Callie baby would be great!


ok firstly callie CANNOT absolutely CANNOT have marks child that would be wrong on so many levels; 1. mark and callies friendship would change for the worse
2. arizona would NOT be pleased and would definitly hate mark after that
3. callie and arizona would be over
4. we can kiss mark and lexie goodbye.. THEY JUST GOT BACK TOGETHER. please DONT RUIN THINGS AGAIN for them.


Are you serious? This would be a great twist for the twisted sisters! HAHAHA! =)))


I said it all along since "Hope Remains For Calzona on Grey's Anatomy", I posted a few comments that people blew off. I said Callie would discover she was pregnant after sleeping with Mark. And they would both be happy because they both want children.


I'm a Callie fan too and what she needs in a healthy relationship, which she had with Arizona. The show will go downhill if she is pregnant with Mark's baby. That would totally redefine their friendship and i think it's been a little too close for comfort already. Arizona and Callie already have enough drama, and Mark needs to focus on Lexie and his own storylines...


I think this would be totally amazing.
I for sure love the whole Calzona thing they had going on, but i feel like Callie and Mark have always had that love for each other, maybe this would help them realize they should be together.
Then again i'd love to have Callie and Arizona back together, they were just completly adorable.
Whatever it is though i hope Callie ends up happy in the end because i absolutley adore her. :)

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