Leighton Meester: Allure Cover Girl, Ex-Party Girl

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Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester appears on the cover of Allure magazine this month. In the magazine, the 24-year-old talks about love, relationships and ... partying.

Of her wilder youth, renting a North Hollywood place with friends, she recalls:

"We had craaaazy parties, we had DJ’s, bands, an ice luge, a fire twirler. One of my roommates burned off her bangs on the stove trying to light a cigarette."

Leighton Meester: Allure

The lovely Leighton opens up about her past, present and future.

The crazy times continued when she moved to New York for Gossip Girl.

"We would go out all the time," she says. "I've never gotten too crazy, but I've definitely had some experiences. Now, I don't want to do anything unhealthy for me."

"Drinking is one thing, but overdrinking is another. And drugs are something that I do not tolerate at all. You would be surprised how many people do it."

"If you go out and you're living the nightlife scene, that's what people do."

Another thing the actress, who split with actor / Gossip Girl recurring guest star Sebastian Stan earlier this year, isn't a big fan of: the traditional playing the field.

"I don't see the point in dating," Meester admits. "I hate it. It’s wonderful to be in love. It's wonderful to cuddle and have sex and experience life with somebody."

"But it’s OK if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday."

Sexy Leighton Photo

Somehow we don't imagine Leighton will have a hard time finding takers when and if she's interested in love, relationships and settling down. Just our hunch.

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I Love her. She's absolutly beatiful & perfect. Leight is such an amazing actor.She's very talented. perfect skin. sweet smile. hot body. she has everything! i love her music. her voice sounds modern and hot! and I think that Ed and Leight would look beautiful together both talented. actor & singer! Wild and funny! Look at this and listen to ed (what he sas when leighton leaves)! I thnk That's quite sweet :D! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... LEIGHTON I ♥ U!


If u can give your opinion about Blake in here than I can give mine. Blake is a homewrecker who broke up ryan Reynolds and Scarlett johansen. How does it feel to make stupid comments like yours Gaya [DS]


you're a bitch, and obviously you're jealous of the fact that you'll never be that amazing as leighton meester..
are you mad blake is getting out shined? thats too bad.
btw, i do like blake lively, but i love leighton meester. my opinion, and "Gaya" you shouldn't be granted an opinion, if you're going to say some random shit, that doesn't make sense at all.


Leighton looks gorgeous as usual! Stay as down to earth and adorable as you are now. @Gaya [D&S] - you dont know what you are talking about. the shot is tastefully done. if that is all you see then its YOUR problem not ours.


Blake Lively is the true star of the show. Leighton screams "attention here!" by showing her crotch to the whole world once again.

Kimberly anne

She is beautiful. Leighton Meester is the true star of the show.


love her


I love her and is glad that she and Blake Lively is getting a lot modeling jobs and movie roles because they both deserve it.


I suspect your hunch is correct. I do her.


leighton,you are so great.watch out for more good movie roles and you will soon play in the a-league:))


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