Nikita Spoilers: Sex on the Way!

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Did this headline get your attention? Good. Because executive producer Craig Silverstein has a lot to say about upcoming storylines on Nikita. For starters:

“Alex will be graduating from recruit to full Division agent, but it will come at a terrible cost,” Silverstein teased to EW. “After our winter break hiatus, there will be a major shift in the show as Nikita and Alex will be working together on the OUTSIDE... Like Nikita before her, Alex will be out in the real world, with her own apartment, wardrobe, and car.”

Alex and Percy

That's not all Alex will be getting.

Thad Luckinbill - who actually played Lyndsy Fonseca’s love interest on
The Young and the Restless - will debut on January 27 as... Alex's new love interest.

(Brendan Fehr - Roswell, Bones - will also guest star in February.)

As for this show's title character? Take it away, Silverstein:

“We will reveal the location and origin of Nikita’s lair, and yes - we’ll learn where she got all her ‘money.’ [Also], Nikita and Michael’s relationship will take another turn, bringing them closer in an unexpected way.”

Finally, the producer has this spoiler to keep fans interested into 2011: “There will be sex.  On this show.  Finally.”

Sign us up! And check out these clips for this Thursday's midseason finale NOW!

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michael nd nikita are so hot!i need more romantic scenes.


addict666, I'm pretty much the same when it comes to Alex's love life. I ADORED her with Thom and it still breaks my heart that he's dead. But other than that, I don't care who she hooks up with as long as it's NOT Michael. LOL


I'm sorry, but the idea of Michael/Alex being together romantically creeps me out. Always has, always will. I've always gotten this father/daughter vibe from them, so it's not the age difference that bothers me. While I love the show as a whole, Michael/Nikita is the best part of it for me. Shane and Maggie have smoking hot chemistry together. I'm glad Alex is getting a new love interest and I'm stoked to see Lyndsy and Thad together onscreen together again. Alex's storyline on the show is almost exactly like Nikita's storyline of how she joined in the original French film, so I'm actually not worried about the writers going the Michael/Alex route anytime soon. Thank God. LOL I just don't understand that ship whatsoever. Can't wait for the show to return.


Yesss, Mikita ftw! :)


Now JT and Colleen (YR) will be reunited on Nikita.
My soap fan in me is so happy. They should have pointed out Lyndsey and Thad's soap characters were a supercouple.


i love Nikita but i really want Alex and Micheal to hook up! they are the best part of the show for me!


I love Mikita they really need more scenes.


Michael/Nikita all the way. They are the my favorite couple, so hot. I love the spoilers


Can't wait for Nikita and Michael, the show is amazing on it's own but Mikita are the best part for me. They are so HOT!


OMG i wonder whos gonna hoke up i hope its micheal and nikita

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