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As Nikita tracks down MDK to seek her revenge, Michael tries to stop her before the military opens fire on the conclussion of Nikita.


Alex fears Sam is about to double cross her while Ryan makes a confession that could change Nikita's world.


On Nikita, when Jones takes control of the team, he offers them all the opportunity to regain their freedom...but at what price?

"Set Up"

Amanda plants evidence to make it look as though Pakistan hired Nikita to kill the President while the CIA captures Alex on Nikita.

"Dead or Alive"

Nikita finds out that one of the Doubles Amanda is making is the FBI Director and Alex and Sam are forced to work together on Nikita.


Nikita's fourth and final season begins.

"'Til Death Do Us Part"

On the season three finale of Nikita, Amanda forces Nikita into a situation where she must decide whether to save Michael or herself.

"Invisible Hand"

Michael wonders if Nikita is committed to a future with him beyond Division while Amanda's partners provide her a truly terrifying weapon on Nikita.

"High Value Target"

An agent under Amanda's control finds Division's black box putting the team in danger on Nikita.

"Self Destruct"

Nikita and Michael try to salvage what they can at Division while Alex reverts back to her former self on Nikita.