Sons of Anarchy Season 4: Not So Charming...

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The Sons of Anarchy went to Ireland on season three.

But series creator Kurt Sutter says he won't need to take the club anywhere exotic next year. That's because the town in which they reside will already be so much different than the one they've protected for years.

Clay and Jax

"Season 4 will really be about dealing with the ramifications of new information, and it's a different Charming that they're coming back to. It's a different gun business for them. The 21st Century really starts to creep into the town and into the club."

What does that mean, precisely? Sutter told TV Guide:

"I think ultimately there's a lot more progress in the town with Hale now becoming mayor there'll be a lot more development in the town. All the things they've been trying to avoid for years will ultimately start to creep in. If they can't keep Charming contained anymore, how do they deal with that?"

In the end, things will come down to Clay, Gemma and Jax. As usual.

"Ultimately, it is about the three of them and everything sort of is either background or devices to complicate all those relationships," Sutter says. "Clay has a personal connection with Charming and there's something about the karmic weight of if he can keep that town small and safe, everything else we do is OK. So I think it's important for Clay to maintain that relationship with Charming. It will be interesting to see how he deals with that this season."

For more on what's ahead, check out another interview Sutter gave soon after the third season finale aired.

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lol sara right haha... so true... he is sexy


who dies in season 4? Is it op or tara??


who dies in season 4??


SOA is an awesome TV show. Can't wait for Tuesday evenings to get here. It just keeps getting better and better. And oh yeah, someones got to kill Clay. All of you guys, actors and writers rock.


I miss the humor of the first seasons, Juice's situations cracked me up. The grit is necessary for a great show, but without the the humor, it's only that:grit, nothing more and a bit depressing. Did you guys fire the writers that wanted to add a bit more dimention to the show? The actors are fantastic though!!


When is season 4 coming out in australia ?


When is season four coming out on dvd? Im jonesin here lol!!!!!


When is sons of anarchy season 4 back on rte


i love this show i have just finished watch the 3rd season carnt wait till i see the fourth when is it cumin out and one know?


This show is the best!!!!I live to watch it every week,I can only afford cable for when the sons is on!!!!!I am ocd on it I can't tell u how mqny times i have watched all the episodes over and over, I can't get enough,I wish it was on every day like a soapy,that would be a dream come true.I got a puppy n named him JAXSUN I'm not alone my friends and now my daughter are hooked.Please keep it up and running its the highlight of my life.Who knows it could turn into another Dallas or Knots Landing or gunsmoke the longest running show of all time,I have high hopes for you guys.

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