Clay and Jax
Clay played a role in the death of Jax's father. That could eventually cause a strain in this relationship.

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i need to know a websight i can watch the show on with no bs scams let me know if there is 1


That's just to make you even more anxious to watch it and I really thought season 3 ended with a great twist and they got a lot accomplished in one episode!!!


Would like to know when the TV Series Sons of Amarchy will start their new season or leave us in suspense like last season. Thanks it's my favorite show on television....Ella

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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Something will go wrong. Somebody will get hurt. I promise you, it'll end badly.


Tig: You're the best, Kimosabe.
Unser: That ain't funny.
Tig: Yes it is.