Sons of Anarchy Season 4: Not So Charming...

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The Sons of Anarchy went to Ireland on season three.

But series creator Kurt Sutter says he won't need to take the club anywhere exotic next year. That's because the town in which they reside will already be so much different than the one they've protected for years.

Clay and Jax

"Season 4 will really be about dealing with the ramifications of new information, and it's a different Charming that they're coming back to. It's a different gun business for them. The 21st Century really starts to creep into the town and into the club."

What does that mean, precisely? Sutter told TV Guide:

"I think ultimately there's a lot more progress in the town with Hale now becoming mayor there'll be a lot more development in the town. All the things they've been trying to avoid for years will ultimately start to creep in. If they can't keep Charming contained anymore, how do they deal with that?"

In the end, things will come down to Clay, Gemma and Jax. As usual.

"Ultimately, it is about the three of them and everything sort of is either background or devices to complicate all those relationships," Sutter says. "Clay has a personal connection with Charming and there's something about the karmic weight of if he can keep that town small and safe, everything else we do is OK. So I think it's important for Clay to maintain that relationship with Charming. It will be interesting to see how he deals with that this season."

For more on what's ahead, check out another interview Sutter gave soon after the third season finale aired.

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I think jaxx is pretty damn hot


This is the best TV show that's ever been broadcasted! I would do just about anything to become a brother to the Sons. Haven't miss a show yet!!


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The song playing at the beginning of episode 1 is titled Coal War by Joshua James. Not what I think of when I think of SOA, but for some reason I can't get the song out of my head!
I find it interesting that Jax cut his hair. Last two seasons Sutter went out of his way to make Jax into a Jesus-like character; the only member of SAMCRO to wear white, the long blonde hair and beard, savior of the club, etc. Now he wants out? I also love the ruse Otto played in order to kill the Russian who shanked Jax. I did not see that coming! Awesome show! Can't wait until tonight to see episode 2!


I Waited All season long for the shows return First Episode had some realy Great scenes like the crew getting out, That was tight! the Soundtrack was Hekka wack though, for the cruise back to charming ? Also seems hella mushy mushy toped with some Violence coulda been better MUCH cant wait for tonight !!!


I live in Canada, and get to watch this Effin amazing show on The Super Channel!! But they don't have any clips of there shows to watch incase we missed them..... Such a drag!! And it sucks because the other channels web sites won't let us watch the clips either because of the country I live in. Like come on.. LoL I live in North America too.... LoL
Have a good night everybody and let's all enjoy the new season!!


What did the letter say?


what is the name of the song and who sings it on the SOA previews? i been waiting all year for season 4 to get here.


is it just me or is Jaxx the hottest human being alive.....aside from my hubby of course!!!


THANK YOU TO ALL THE CAST MEMBERS that went to Iraq and Kuwait. The video clip was wonderful. My son is on his second tour, this time Afghanistan. There are currently 2,200 Oklahoma National Guard members over there right now. My Son...My Hero!

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