Sons of Anarchy Season Four Spoilers: What's Next For the Family and the Club?

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Where did last night's gripping Sons of Anarchy season-ender leave our favorite motorcycle club, and what can we expect from one of our favorite shows going forward?

If you haven't read it, here's our take on the Sons of Anarchy season three finale. Read it and leave us comments with your thoughts. Now, let's look ahead to next year.

In a lengthy Q&A with E! Online, creator and show-runner Kurt Sutter talked about the changes the finale sets up for season four. Here are some notable excerpts ...

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On how Jax is now going to operate differently than John did: "Jax was finding out that John's whole life was essentially a lie and that he was going to bail on it."

"His dad was going to bail on Gemma and had this kid with this other woman, and ultimately that he wasn't as strong a man as Jax had envisioned him to be."

"Jax is not running away, and he is committed to Tara, and he's not looking for something outside of the life. Obviously, the decisions that he makes put him deeper into the machinations of the club. He's distanced himself from the notion of trying to change things."

"Really, in a lot of ways, he's becoming more like his mother.

On when season four will pick up: "There will be a gap in time. I haven't decided if we'll start with them in jail and getting out or if we'll begin with them already out of jail, but we're not going to spend half a season or a season in jail. Sons is not going to become Oz."

On what Charming will look like in 14 months: "It'll be a different Charming. There will be a new mayor and a new sheriff. The 21st century is going to land at SAMCRO's doorstep. It'll be interesting, because the 21st century will also bleed into their lives."

"The gun business will be exponentially bigger as a result of the Irish deal, so they themselves will be upgrading, but everything else around them will also be changing."

"Not that I'm thematically trying to make a big point in terms of all that, but Charming really has been Mayberry—it's been an anachronism, and in my mind, we'll start to see that shift, and how do they handle that shift. Do they try to throw the brakes on it?"

"Do they embrace it? What happens to the big fish when the pond gets bigger?"

On the club's struggling finances: "They've had a tough run, ever since Abel was born, between legal fees and everything else, but I do think that, as Clay said to Gemma, this is an opportunity for them to finish big. We'll see that start to happen."

On whether Kozik will stick around: "I love Kenny Johnson and I love the character, but I didn't vote him in was because I wanted to leave it up in the air a little bit. I thought it would have been too neat if they had all this conflict and then it just went away."

"Because we did spend so much time away from our core guys this season, next season I really want to find some great storylines for our guys. Kenny is such a great actor that I don't want to waste that on some little three-episode arc."

"If I can use him, then I really want to find a way to use him rather than have him reduced to one of the guys riding up on a bike.

On Happy's place in the cast: "I say this not in a judgmental or flip way, but really in a character way, that a little Happy goes a long way. Do you know what I mean?"

"Too much Happy storyline is overwhelming. The moment he had in the torture scene where everyone is appalled and he's smiling like a four-year-old, that's all you need."

"Happy is a little bit of the sociopath, and you don't like it to get too stereotyped or clichéd. But D.L. will definitely be around. I think he'll be in 9-10 episodes next season."


On the new prospects sticking around as well: "They're so unlikely in terms of this club! It's my experience that the more time I spend with the guys in this world, that actually it's the guys that never fit in that are the guys that are pledging clubs."

"That's why I love those two actors. They're funny without having to do much with them, and I imagine they'll be back ... we'll wait to have that play out."

On adding new gangs: "I don't know if we'll do any more MCs next year, but on The Shield every couple of seasons we would get bored with our clubs and gangs, and we'd introduce new ones, but I think some that we've introduced will come back."

On Lenny the Pimp: "Lenny was part of the First Nine; I think we talk about it in the iPad app - we have a whole thing coming out on the First Nine. The only ones still living are Clay (Ron Perlman), Piney (William Lucking) and Lenny."

On whether Tara is having a boy or not: "Uh ... I haven't decided on that, but I'll say this: It is the Sons of Anarchy."

On Trinity's role: "I don't know if it will be next season, but I think that at some point, perhaps, as the mythology continues to unfold, I think there might be an opportunity to bring her back. She was so much fun, and I thought Zoe did a great job."

On more Jax-Tara backstory: "We're not going to do flashbacks, but if there's a way to get out that information, like we did in season one with Stahl, in a way that makes sense and moves the story along whether it's narrative or just character, then yeah, I'm always hoping to reveal some of the mythology, I just don't know off-hand what that might mean in terms of season four."

Well? What do you think? Weigh in on all these Sons of Anarchy spoilers and share your own predictions for Season Four by leaving a comment below.

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contact Mike Mc McCusker founder of Jus Brothers, in Nevada and see how an outside club can take heat off Sons. Maybe have him play a role. YOu would like.


Season 4 Sons of Anarchy begins the first Wednesday in Sept. 7th, 2011 I like the way Mr Sutter thinks and writes and will leave it totally up to him where he takes the MC! He knows how to make me squirm in my seat.


I never thought i'd get hooked on a show about an MC club. What makes it so addicting is that it takes a motorcycle gang and makes them look like real people. People like you think you could be freinds with. I love that I cannot predict what's going to happen next so I'm not going to begin to try and do that now.


Hello we really LOVE Watching SOA !We always like watch 1- 2 alot ! cause it a good movie !! We can`t wait tell new Episode come out!!


Ya know you may think this sounds stupid but, there are guys who ride and build bikes that watch this show. we love it too, on the other hand some of us see a whole bunch of guys on the screen that really don't know much about bikes or how to ride. how about having more of your light business discussions taking place around the bikes? I could have easily seen a couple of Opie and Jaxs conversations taking place during his resto on that pan, instead of it goin from box-o-bike to finished product (source of tracker money) This is a bike club, if you think that the members of real clubs are loyal to each other, you should understand just how much of a part of each of their lives their bike actually is. Oh, could ya get Ron a better helmet? he looks like Kazoo from the Flintstones. I know these are stupid details but that's where you find excellence isn't it? shit that was only a start anyway.... All that having been said I will say that this is the very best show on and I'm happy to see it picked up for a forth. hope to see season 16 as well. Doug


I have been a fan since the very beginning. Thank Goodness for Netflix. It takes so long to film a new season that I have to either catch an episode here and there on FX or rent from Netflix. Am excited to hear the station picked up another season. How could they not? Have alot of angry fans. Excited to see Season 4


I was just wondering when the show will air a season that takes us back to the beginning to the SOA and what actually happend to John Teller. I love the tid bits that season 3 unleashed but I am so ready to see Piney as a younger bad ass and why the SOA got away from Teller's vision.


I love this show but they shouldn't make ppl wait this long... I'm going krazy... Tara should most def have a grl just because he has Abel. I love jaxx


I think tara should have a girl I think it would be cool to see how jax acts having a would make for some good stuff


Of course this is one of the top shows in its time slot along with Justified. FX needs to sign SOA on for more shows per season. Twenty would be better and run Justified directly after it. As far as suggestions about the show well i am sure no one would argue you have done a brilliant job up to this point, just keep doing it and more of it Mr. Sutter. You are one lucky man married to that talented women. You were right about her for the part, she is a diverse actress!!! As you had Jax use the line "im not gonna adriana ya" you should have Gemma use the line Claaaayyyy" just kidding

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