Trial and Error: Derek Won't Work With Meredith

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So much for that lack of MerDer conflict. Derek will soon start his Alzheimer's trials on Grey's Anatomy, but he won't be bringing our favorite resident along for the ride.

According to TV Guide, he's not going to change his mind, either.

Working with Meredith is just too big a complication for Derek, given the subject matter at hand. He's still concerned that her being on the team will hurt his judgment.

Thus, he chooses another resident, and that decision will "turn Dr. Grey into a green-eyed monster." Yikes. Guess that's the downside of working with your loved one ...

A MerDer Kiss

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@Caitlyn I agree with you :)


@MerDerLover Meredith can't work on this with Derek because it'll make it that much harder for him to work and consequently there'll be more chances for it to fail. First of all, no way will Meredith enter the clinical trial as a patient because it's not like she has Alzheimers yet. This trial is just a precaution that Derek is undertaking in case she is eventually diagnosed with that disease. Second, it's already been proven that Meredith's connection with this disease clouds the ability of Derek to work as seen when he couldn't write the proposal for the grant. How much harder will it be for him then if Meredith was actually working with him? Her presence will make it harder for Derek to concentrate on the trial itself because his focus will be put on Meredith possibly exhibiting similar behavior as the patients he will be working on. If there's any chance of this trial working, he needs to have another resident work with him because nothing will really happen if he works with Meredith on this.


Just out curiousity, did they ever say that Cristina is the resident that Derek chooses? Just curious, because that would be the obvious choice that would make Meredith jealous, but maybe it is someone never know....unless it came out that it is Cristina that he chose, and I missed something


The only reason Der cant have Mer on the trial is coz he freaking wont be able to get past the fact that his wife might end up with this disease He wld be way too freaking scared and emotionally fragile to actually THINK medicine then all he would be thinking is the pain and agony Mer might have to go through I mean heck see the epi whee he sat for 12 hours straight and couldn't come up with a decent grant proposal All h kept doing was thinking of the possibility of his wife getting this disease He is taking a huge huge risk here We all saw how uncomfortable he was while doing the first clinical trial but he did it coz of Mer coz she took it to be her path to medicla greatness He knew then that clinical trials means nothing but groping in the dark experimenting hoping to do the right thing and the number of patients he lost then affected his confidence his belief in his own self in such a HUGE way back then So yeah even now he is taking a huge risk he is risking failure again only and only for Mer's sake Remember when Ellis was lucid and he met Ellis he as like I am not an Alz specialist but I took a special interest in this case coz of Mer? And now see him just see him he is going all the way plunging himself his reputation his career his everything into this trial just coz he is scared too scared to death for Mer And I feel the reason why he doesn't wants Mer on the team is coz he dosn't wants this fear gripping Mer too Obviously there would be failures in the beginning of the trial he knows that and he doesn't want Mer seeing those failures and u know getting gripped by the possibility of her getting Alz one day Just imagine if every day Mer wakes up with this feleing that she might get alz she might get alz I wld be like both of them r just waiting for the D day to happen when Mer forgets everything Lif would be miserable for them then and it doesn't matter to Der if she gets Alz or no as in he knows he would love her any which ways he is not scared or himself or for what he would hve to go through he is scared for Mer for what she would have to suffer Der knows Alz no Alz he would love her be there for her no matter what Damn it he promised her on their Post It that if she gets Alz and forgets him he would remind her who he is EVERY SINGLE DAY So yeah he isn't scared for himself he is scared for her and he doesn't doesn't want to pass on that fear that hopelessness that helplessness on to Mer Do you guys remember that moment when Mer had her keys in her hands and she was looking for them in her purse and Der is standing behind her and he gently points out tht she has keys in her hands? did you all notice the fear that gripped Der and how he hid it from Mer? He is living this fear alone and he is doing everything in his power to mak sure his wife is untouchd by it and not having her on the alz team is just another way of doing so
As for Cris i wld love to see him choose Cris not just coz she is the best resident and blah but coz like him she too is scared to death that HER PERSON ie Mer might end up with this disease and this fear would make her perform exceptionally well just like it wld make Der excell u know what i mean?
And as for DerStina affair damn that wld be OBNOXIOUS i wld hate myself for ever watchin Grey's at all if that happens it wld not only destroy Derek Chrstopher Shepherd's character and MerDer it wld destory so dmaned much more MerStina Cristina Owen everything I cant even imagine Der doing something like this to Mer i mean he lived the pain of Adison and Mark he lived it he suffered it wld he ever do the same to Mer? I dont think so i dont think thats coming DerStina r beautiful and pure Infact I m seeing their bonding as a reflection of MerDer;s growth and strength both r two people that make Mer ho she is both r Mer's soulmates and finally inally they r connecting and belive it or not i can so feel the reason they r connecting is Mer even though Mer isn't there right now but still even in her absence I can feel that both DerStina r bonding coz of MER so yeah i really dont think that will happen and i so agree the jealousy here wld be professional rather than personal I just hope no major conflicts happen btw them i dont want them falling apart I want them growing fighting every battle life throws there way and just growing stronger and stronger and stronger MerDer r our belief in love if they fail our belief in love gets shattered We need them to hope for a love story for our own selves a love story which would last FOREVER
Love MerDer forever
ps guys is the pic above a new pic? i feel its from Season 5 finale epi


Derek needs to realize that he needs Meredith's help in making sure this clinical trial is successful just like their lst clinical trial. Without Meredith, Derek's clinical trial will not work. If Meredith enters the clinical trial as a paitent, then Derek WILL HAVE TO WORK WITH HER. Meredith should have Mark convince Derek that she should be the resident who works on the clinical trial. Derek and another resident will fail but Derek and Meredith will succede.


I am NOT saying that Derek and Cristina are leaving Meredith out their friendship intentionally, or out of malice, quite the opposite they don't even know that they are making Meredith feel left out, I don't even think that they are aware of it. And because they are not aware of how this is making Meredith feel and how it may look to others, things can change from the innocent to something else, from the professional to the personal. However loyal a person is or whether or not that person knows how it feels to be betray does not mean that they are exempt from making a thoughtless mistake. With this I am NOT saying that they will make a thoughtless mistake. I do think that Derek is helping Cristina because she is Meredith's best friend and he wants Meredith to have her best friend back. Furthermore I don't think Derek gave a flying f about Mer/Cris friendship. I don't think Derek felt left out of the Mer/Cris friendship at all, what he doesn't like is Cristina barging into their room and throwing him out of bed, which is not the same as feeling left out. If Mer/Cris friendship made Derek feel left out, I don't think he would be putting so much effort into helping Cristina, so Meredith would have her friend back. I mean if Derek really felt left out of the Mer/Cris friendship, this would've been the perfect occasion to put a bigger wedge between Mer and Cris, so he would have his wife all to himself. Actually think Derek loves the fact that Meredith cares for her friends the way she does. Derek and Cristina working together is going to make Meredith feel even more left out, than she already is feeling. It is not rational but it is how Meredith feels, and her feeling are perfectly valid, just like Cristina irrationally blaming Meredith is valid or just like Derek feeling like his judgment could be clouded if Meredith helps him with the trial is valid. Meredith could even end up thinking that something is going on between Der and Cris, when it isn't true. This is a show, a drama show, and I wouldn't get pass the writers to create a misunderstanding between Mer, Der and Cristina. So I understand Mer's jealousy. Meredith is a person with abandonment issues, and when you see your husband and your best friend working together on something that concerns you, without including you, you are going to feel abandon, whether or not the abandonment is real. Meredith didn't tell Gary Clark to shoot her so Derek and Cristina can turn around and unintentionally make her feel abandoned. It could even be about Meredith feeling like she is unappreciated by everybody in the hospital, including her husband, since everybody is so bend out shape because Cristina quit, as if she is the only great resident. That said Derek need to get his head out his @ss because he finding a cure for Alzheimer's is not just about Meredith. She is not the only one with a chance of getting Alzheimer's here. He needs to get perspective on the issues of his fears. He worrying about a 50% chance of Meredith getting Alzheimer's, he torturing himself over something that is not certain. If doesn't get his head out his @ss he won't be able to work on the cure for years to come, whether or not Meredith works with him on it. I don't think Cristina would work on the cure for years to come either, as much as she loves Meredith I don't think she is going to abandoned Cardio her true love.


@ana114, "Mer and Cris don't have to include Derek because Derek was not Cristina's friend, didn't even like each other. However Derek does have to include Meredith in his friendship with Cristina, because Meredith has a relationship with both of them." So...? Now the three of them like each other. Now what? We'll not agree on this. I don't see the big deal given the "innocence" of the whole thing. It's not mean spirited, it's not with wrong intentions, or being attracted to each other, it's just a friendship. Sometimes people can just be friends. Meredith being such a compassionate person shouldn't have trouble letting Derek have a friend that is also hers. If she'll get jealous (which I think will be more of a comedic relief than a serious thing...spoilers usually come with hyperboles on it), maybe she can also realize what spending so much time with Cristina feels for Derek. "Like I said Mark and Addison bonded, without including Derek they end up in bed. So there is a fine line that Derek and Cristina needs to be aware of. One thing is helping Cristina because he feels the need to repay her and another to have Cristian around him all time. " Like I said before, this is way far fetched. Derek is not having dinners with Cristina. They are not having afternoon coffee. They are not drinking at Joe's. They are not kicking Meredith out of bed for them to talk. They are not cementing the beginning of what could be an affair. They went fishing once. Once. They are working together (not exactly chit chatting about hopes and dreams and what they want in life...hell, they didn't even talked about anything on the fishing trip other than Cristina wanting to be quizzed by Derek!). Derek knows what finding your spouse with your best friend is. Cristina is such a loyal person before going there. This are traits that have been mentioned and are part of Derek and Cristina's character. Having them compare to what Mark & Addison did (which I assume based on information given on GA and PP, did include dinners, drinks, chit chatting about hopes and dreams), is silly. Even the principle of the best friend and the spouse working together. @Caitlyn, I loved your last post. You said it better than me. I completely agree with you. I do think that Derek is allowed to have Cristina as a friend. And the jealousy? My guess, like you is more professional rather than personal, and if it is personal...then Meredith, put some boundaries on for both Cristina (no more sleepovers) and Derek, if she's that bothered (which doesn't make sense to me).


LOL! I WISH! Maybe then Mer would murder April and we won't have to watch April anymore :D


he'll choose april and take her virginity in the OR. Now thay would piss off fans!


I really don't think that this is what shonda trying to prove with this storyline.The story line is about the Alzheimer trial that derek is doing because he is sacred to death to lose mer to this dreadful disease and the fact that he does not want meredith any where near this trial because he is so distracted when it comes to mer and work! and he also does not want her to go through seeing each patient suffering from what she might suffer from, she had enough of this with her mother already. So when it comes to chosing some one else to help him it only make sense for it to be cristina , mer's best friend because she is the only other person that REALLY gets what he is doing and with out being emotionally involved or some kind of distraction for him and i really don't know how can each of them include their spouses in something like that,it's a work relationship and i don't see cristina and derek's bonding going any where else but work! And frankly i don't get why a man and a woman have a friendship or whatever without including their spouses and be just a friednship,there is the mer and alex relation and it's a great relation and it never looked like going anywhere but an innocent friendship and derek don't seems to mind this friendship at all, because as long as mer is not crossing any lines with alex its okay with him that they could be friends, so what i mean is even if derek and cristina continue bonding it will only be about the clinical trial that he id doing for his wife and her best friend , and all the examples mentioned about mark and addison, ellis and richard those were different cases those two (ellis and addison) had lousy marriages so when they got comfort some where else they cheated. Derek and meredith have a very good marriage and i dont see the writers screwing with that thank god! Don't get me wrong i was very hurt for mer this last episode and didn't like how every body was treating her including derek even though i know that he is doing what he is doing also for her in order for her to get her best friend back, and that if he had given cristina the phone she would have snapped at meredith and that would leave mer more hurt than she already is, so he was sparing her that.and i think that mer's feeling of abandonment will be resolved the next episode which will pick up the very next day from the last one.

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